5 meals I eat each week » vegan & healthy

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» Comforting oatmeal: http://bit.ly/classicoatmeal
» Buckwheat pancakes: http://bit.ly/best-buckwheat-pancakes
» Homemade #vegan nutella: http://bit.ly/2mAEQgj-nutella
» Home hummus recipes: http://bit.ly/hummus-collection
» Cauliflower lentil curry: http://bit.ly/cauliflower-lentil-curry
» Gado gado stir fry: http://bit.ly/vegan-gado-gado

» Coconut Thai curry: http://bit.ly/2xatDrM-thaicurry
» Afghan tomato cauliflower curry: http://bit.ly/afghan-cauliflower-curry
» Coconut red lentil daal: http://bit.ly/2BNvt32

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❤ Sadia

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Pick Up Limes says:

Did you see what happened at 0:44? Sooo here’s the thing: I like to take strategic bites of my oatmeal, getting a bit of each topping onto the spoon, but sir Robin just mixes everything together from the get-go. Whaaa!? I think he’s a bit crazy… but maybe I’m the one that’s crazy? Which camp are you in? Strategic bites, or the mix-and-swirl?

Aarti Singh says:

Happy to see one indian dish

Belley L says:

Hey Sadia, what do you normally enjoy for breakfast during summer?

Raimi Reyes says:

Omg I just discovered you channel!! your aura is so beautiful I love this

Lisanne Oberg says:

Hey Sadia, thanks for this video. You keep inspiring me. I was wondering where you bought the pumpkin spice. I live in the Netherlands too en use 'speculaaskruiden'. Much love from Eindhoven. Ps I'm such a curry-person as well!

Rice Bowl says:

You are gorgeous!! Wow

Natalia Lenchuk says:

Hi, Sadia, thanks for another video. Sometimes I like just watching you do these soothing movements, combine different products, explain basic kitchen operations – I may not repeat the recipes, but I most certainly get your idea, or inspiration, or combinations. Thanks a lot for that. A question: can I use raw chia seeds, really? Can you please tell me (or give a link) what's the application of this superfood (I've bought some and don't dare to use yet ))))

maaz amjad says:

But where is the meat or eggs or chicken or fish?! What is this place?! It looks like some kind of a matrix…everything looks so unreal and unrealistic.

Jeanna R says:

I just came across your videos and I loooove all of them!!! Your meals are healthy, simple and delicious! You gave me so many new ideas how to be a bit more creative in the kitchen! Thanks Sadia! :)

awaliya fara says:

I love gado-gado a lot. The peanuts sauce taste really good

chocolate is me fave says:

Those dinners looked so good

lolita cholita says:

i love this video !!!!!! ^3~

Christina Vasileiou says:

Dream couple!!!

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