5 Meals I Eat Every Week (Vegan)

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Here are 5 easy, healthy, budget-friendly, and customizable meals that I eat every week as a vegan! Tell me your favorite weeknight staple meal in the comments below :)
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• Pickled Red Onions: https://frommybowl.com/quick-pickled-red-onions/
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Caitlin Shoemaker says:

Hi friends! Hope you enjoy the video :) I talk a bit fast in this one (was trying to squeeze a lot of tips in haha), so if you're having trouble understanding you can change the playback speed in the lower right corner of your screen. I'll try to slow down for future videos!

astrog8tr says:

Oh boy, love those pickled onions. Though, mandolin, Be real careful with those, kids. Nearly lost half my finger on that damn thing. Need a (better) finger guard and something like bear proof gloves. 😀

m mmm says:

"Now that i live with my boyfriend, I have to cook for him too" …does he not have hands or…?

iseedee says:

Everything looks delicious! :)


Fist time watching your channel. Love this recipes. I'm not vegan but I love so many vegan recipes.

Isabelle Kulow says:

I probably eat 5-6 burrito bowls a week because they are so easy to get protein and lots of veg all in one. Sweet potato is also a staple for me, I eat it almost every day.

Pam Forougi says:

If you continue to eat these harmful food, u will end up suffering from auto immune disease. You might even already pledged by auto immune diseases symptoms but not linking your problems with your eating habits. I feel truly sorry for you being terribly miss-guided by vegan community but it’s not end of world for u yet; you are young u can recover only, if you stop following this nonsense diet. Good luck ..

Liz Williams says:

Absolutely a giant salad every week for lunch-type of gal! Massaged kale is also my fave, with roasted veg & there is this delicious mango, blood orange, guava balsamic my MIL bought me, which is divine over chickpeas! Yum!

Jessica Cvez says:

I’m so glad I found you! I will be making these meals 😋😋

Ironic Maiden says:

You should soak beans before cooking them look it up 🤦🏻‍♀️ I'm not a vegan and I even know this

Ironic Maiden says:

Soy much? 😷

foreverwantingpie says:

My go to is chili mmm great video

Kariyobinga says:

So much good easy recipes I need to make TODAY in one video 😂

JB says:

Love love this! I am going to make these this week.

I love how easy and the options you give. Thank you :)

Fast Positron Go Back In Time says:

I hate!!!! CILANTRO!!!! AHHHHH. I just wanted to express that :)

Harlene Mejia says:

It would help if you list down the calories! I’m looking for recipes to gain weight / muscles

erosamuk says:

Question: How do you clean your silicone pad? I have them but found it a drag to clean them, so usually end up using (and reusing) parchment paper. Any thoughts, much appreciated.

Patricia McDonald says:

Great looking meals, and so many useful tips in one video!

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