5 MINUTE Vegan Breakfast Recipes 🏃

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Recipes below!!!

Click here for the BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE RECIPES: http://bit.ly/3breakfastsmoothies

1/2 – 3/4 cups old fashioned oats
3/4 – 1 cup non-dairy milk
toppings: cinnamon, maple syrup, berries, raisins, dates, nuts, ground flax seed, chia seeds, more non-dairy milk
~ Place oats in a microwave safe bowl, then stir in the non-dairy milk.
Microwave for 2 minutes.
Top with maple syrup, cinnamon, fruit, nuts, or your other favorite oatmeal fixin’s.

2 slices of bread (I used Ezekiel sprouted wheat), toasted

• tahini banana toast: spread 2 tablespoons of tahini onto your toast, then top with one sliced banana, 1 date, a sprinkle of cacao nibs, and cinnamon
• avocado sprout: mash one ripe avocado, then spread evenly onto your toast. Top with cooked chickpeas (or other bean or lentils), salt, pepper, and broccoli sprouts
• almond butter & jelly: spread 2 tablespoons evenly on toast and top each slice with fruit-sweetened jelly. I use Dalfour brand jam because it has no added cane sugar and is sweetened with fruit juice.

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Baking Cutie says:

I love the editing! Thanks for making these videos!!

Dashawn Melvin says:

Great idea's loved them all!!!

jay Hudspeth says:

Great video….I have to find that smoked salt. My fav, tofu pudding. Silken tofu and blended fruit. Usually frozen fruit…YUM!!

kaleidospiked says:

Great editing!!

Laurie Léveillé says:

I’m allergic to bananas, what can replace them with, in the chocolate smoothie ? 🤔

celanba says:

I didn't know you could make oatmeal with rolled oats so fast. I think I will do that tomorrow.

Misty Thompson says:

Ooohhh the chickpea avo toast

CF Kazimir says:

Damn your editing is amazing. Your vids just keep getting better and better! (cat footage is also helping!)

Hazylittlevegan says:

I love watching your videos. Not only do they give me ideas, but they’re so relaxing to me lol.

Santiago Ty. says:

Hi there! Does somebody knows any of the song in this video ?

Jenné, I loved the video as always!

Bri P says:

That oatmeal looks delicious 🤤

Tonia _ Chrysalis Chats says:

Another Sweet Potato Soul win! Always beautiful, always inspiring, always makes my mouth water. lol

Crepusculem says:

Wow love the edit!

Jack Ape says:

I love your videos the food looks good ……I was thinking about becoming a health coach but it looks like I would not make money so I wanted to know where would I work as a health coach ….like would I work in a doctors office or a nursing home how would I get clients to help eat healthy how would I make enough money so I would not have to have 2 jobs not to be rude but it seem like a hobby something for fun but I know it is not so that is why I ask thank you ?

Julia Padgett says:

I love your editing. Great video!

cherishdeb says:

U inspire me to start a vegan food truck in my neighborhood just to expose people to how good plant based foods can taste!

cherishdeb says:

Can i buy tahini at trader joes?

CaroliPitt says:

Like the vídeo content !! But hate music is so annoying.

Sunrise2day says:

Nice!!! Cute kitty!!!

I Just Like To Cook says:

Very nice meals! Thanks for sharing

N A says:

Love your cat, now I miss my beloved cat ❤️and love your videos always bring positivity and good recipes to my life 🌤

Brittany Whitney says:

I loved watching this! What song is playing in the intro?

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