5 Mouth-Watering And Juicy Lamb Recipes

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lovely littlegirl says:

What would be a great substitute for the red and white wine?

Chippi Anirudhan says:

stupid this is not exact lamb biriyani

Melted Lava Slimes says:

saffron REALLY its the most EXPENSIVE SPICE

Priyanka Srinivas says:

I am an Indian Lamb biryani should not be done like that raisins in biryani🙄😛😅 no I am from Hyderabad in India city famous for biryani we don’t put raisins but I want to try

Lover of All Things Good says:

Lamb is my favorite meat .. so good

Ivan Rowe says:

I think that sometimes they over do it witht he spices and the extras

K4 Josiah says:

The lamb biryani was just ridiculous

Janani unic says:

And don't put raisons in savoury dish it's just not work

Janani unic says:

Everything is nice except briyani. Don't say briyani it's a lamb gravy with white rice. And basmati rice is not suitable for briyani.

Satvi Arjuna says:

Thank you so much for putting it

Nee Zee says:

Raisins,almonds in Biryani ?? >.< tasty please don't ruin classic recipes

Christy Tina says:

When I saw the notification: "I haven't had lamb in ages! Wonder why?" After watching time consuming recipes: "Oh yeah, that's why."

horror478 says:


samuel jacob says:

Celebrity with the best burgers

Swarnima Nikam says:

Omg!!!!! There was a sticker on the first dish!!!!!!! Are you not looking at it while cooking

Coco Sugar Bar says:

You should never ever cook yoghurt like that its going to get grainie and Sour, you habe to Temper it with warm liquid and Consistantly Stir it.

Brook Zhang says:


Greta mmm boi says:

Lamb & goat r the best meats & I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise

oh YeaH YeAH says:




Amie says:

Beware, there are many people finding where the lamb sauce is in this comment section…

I warned you.

Billy Garfield says:

Not baaaaddddd! :-)

Drop Cake says:

The music sounds the monopoly game music on Android

A N says:

Great… Now I want some lamb!

Gabby Banter says:

It's not a tag, ink stamp

Bob Joe says:

The tag on the meat tho

idiot who cant log off says:

There was a sticker on the first dish

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