5 Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipes!

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5 Super Easy Toast & Sandwich for Breakfast!

1. Grilled Cheese
2. French Toast
3. Egg In A Hole
4. Korean Street Toast
5. Egg Toast

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Debra Stacy says:

I think you are very cool.. good and simple recipes..and very fun to watch..the lady very nice..but a bit annoying and unnecessary.. sorry

Heart Mind says:

Soak the bread overnight then let it come to room temp before you cook it. The difference is amazing. If you cant sit it overnight, poke the bread with a fork when letting the egg soak in. That will avoid the only thing that can go wrong with French toast, DRY bread inside.

Trinity Wright says:

This morning I made an egg pancake I think that's what you called it the vegetables cooked in the skillet with the egg over it and that was wonderful. Next time tornado egg!! I'm going to binge on some more of your shows on YouTube now 😁

Miko Gugo says:

I love the simplicity and Claire is so cute.

Trudie L says:

You both hit my spot.

Cakes by La’Meeka says:


Eline Brouwer says:

I should not have watched this while under the influence of munchies, i made grilled cheese with scrambled egg fillinh

Mii B says:

Second one birds nest… without the French toast egg at beginning not so heavy.
First one grilled cheese great with tomato soup it’s not really a breakfast thing in America… all but the lost 2 Korean and street cart foods are quite common in America but it’s interesting to see his twist on those. Still delicious looking and can’t wait to try the Korean egg sandwich and st cart sandwich looks so yummy!

forshipsandgiggles says:

Aaron's commentary is so spot on. Very forgiving which is what we need when cooking in iso

GARTH says:

Green Onionn

Dave M says:

LOVE your cooking vids guy BT uhhh your gal AIN'T gonna stay that SLIM eating that stuff for very long LOL !!

William Thomas says:

Claire..stop talking while your mouth is full! Thousands of people choke to death while talking with a full mouth! Just want you to be safe!

Trinity Wright says:

Omg STREET TOAST..how good this looks!! Your food is wonderful 💕

Keith Davidson says:

It seems really odd to me to add sugar, but your recipe ideas are wonderful. Thank you 🙏🏻

K Digiacomo says:

Where is he getting carrots that are that big?

Ashley Manno says:

Wow looks so …맛있는 😋 🤤… new subscriber loving the content so far, looks like great recipes can’t wait to try cooking some of these! My husband will be my Claire but his eating sounds probably not as cute lol 😂

Elizabeth says:

If you wanna impress around you… 😂🤣

sundragon1976 says:

No processed cheese for grilled cheese! 🤮 lol

WM Lamp says:

easy and simple. I love your videos

Bliss WKC says:

Thank y'all so much dearest 🌹
Y'all such an inspiration 🥰
Appreciate y'all from the bottom of my heart 💟
Be Blissful Eternally 🙏👼🌈

Crystal Villamore says:

Let’s call claire!!! Hmmmmmpppp,lucky her!!!! hope she’s not getting fat anyway 😂

Dark Wings says:

claire & j.fla look the same. are you twins ? haha

Raymond Benoza says:

Aaron just made claire a whole set of delicious breakfast. How lucky is she.

Saphie Liqhts says:

Being Claire is my dream job now. 😳

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