5 Recipes For Garlic Bread Lovers

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Ducky *3* says:

If you want to know how to make garlic/cheese bread:
Take an english muffin, put some butter, cheese of your choice, parsly or oregano, and some garlic powder <allis eyeballed, but dont put too much garlic powder!>

Microwave for ten seconds,<you could stop here but it isnt very toasty> then put in the oven or a toaster oven, Usually for only 3-4 minutes, make sure to check every 1 minute!

Take it out, serve on plate,

Mvngoes says:

That was legitness.

Thread Deviator says:

Look at these normies, making garlic bread memes in 2018

ConnieCooks says:

GraHaM ThE CHrISTian has joined The server

Prabha Dayal says:

Nice video but if these ingredients were provided in my country

kanelipulla ! says:

I have a housewarming party on sunday and I'm making the knots! wish me luck :)

Third Herd says:

"For Garlic Bread Lovers"…..that's pretty much everyone, ever!

Nusaiba Siddiqui says:

Whoa!! That was a lot of cheese

Rin Wesley says:

Anyone got a name on the music?

Greys says:

Oof. Imagine if tasty was a restaurant.

Blossom Vines says:

Cheesy garlic bread is surprisingly good

Suresh Thekketh says:

I'm hungry

Cute Little Kookie says:

Garlic bread+Chicken+cheese= Dead

oopsydaisy says:


K Marie says:

Omg this video made me say mmmmmm so many times

Nathanael Febrianli says:

I wonder..how much calories does the cheesy ham garlic bread contains

Pizza Minded says:

garlic bread is everyone’s bae

Lahori Mahalakhmi says:

Your presentation is really owesome

Greg Armstrong says:

The first one was just what I nee.

Nick Bajaj says:

your music is getting worse and worse

Maya Avida says:

When I was little, I used to go to a summer camp with a few different activities, one of which was breadmaking. You could make garlic bread, cinammon bread, or regular bread. But here's the thing: the garlic bread was just bread with garlic and italian seasoning mixed into the dough. And I loved it. So I grew up thinking that was garlic bread, and I always got very confused when I ordered it at restaurants and it wasn't what I was expecting. Oh, and by the way, the cinammon rolls were just as bad. Just cinammon and sugar mixed into bread dough.

Megan Gu says:

Lactose intolerant.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Llanetaboy says:

Barlic Gread

nanoha yeow says:

came for the food, stayed for the awesome soundtrack!

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