5 Salad Recipes You Can Eat All Week

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These 5 salad recipes are good for eating any day of the week!
Recipes: https://tasty.co/compilation/5-salad-recipes-you-can-eat-all-week
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Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/92409


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lyrical says:

These lot, they love a wee bit of olive oil in everything.

Vica Shu says:

Can someone tell why do I need to use specifically kosher salt?

Leighann McWilliams says:

Am I at a rock concert?

Elensila2718 says:

Loved it! I think the corn and chicken salad would be even better with shrimp though! And maybe some roasted cherry tomatoes!

Johannanas says:

More Vegan vids please😍

faefae ! says:

ok they look very nice

Jeronimo M says:

More of this please ❤ and i'd love more vegetarian or vegan options.

GalaxyReborn_Too says:

Only one dislike?

dress fashion world says:


dress fashion world says:


Alka Nissar says:

Can you put a video for salad dressing

Jyoti Prakash Biswas says:

Eww. I hate tasty and tasty Japan .They are gross.🤢

kunj Shah says:

awesome recipe

Julie C says:

Mmm watermelon 🍉

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