5 Scrumptious Pulled Pork Recipes

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jem Ogn says:

That’s a lot of work but worth it

mythirdchannel says:

all of these … now … please >_<

SoulFly says:

I’am Muslim

Irene Kefalinou says:

You too baby girl I love you too baby

Snazzy Azza says:

Is anyone’s mouthwatering while watching this

BunnyFett says:

I don't even like pork and I want to eat these.

Sophie Collia says:

What is liquid smoke???

Andrea DIYs says:

Does the pork always have to be pulled

Astamur Daurovich says:

This is a SLOW COOKER ad, downvoted!

cocoa tresbelle says:

Y'all nasty, don't cook meat u don't know what ur doing. Yuk

Jennifer Cavenee says:

These all look delicious, but to be honest I probably wouldn't go through all the trouble of making pulled pork just to put it on sandwiches and nachos. Looks like a great way to use up leftovers from your last barbecue, though.

Tyler and Tyrone says:

Finally a black person lol #NOT BEING RACIST JUST BEING TRUE

Skyler Thompson says:

Anybody else watch these for the music?? lol

Erin Dixon-Gonzalez says:

Using loin instead of shoulder for pulled pork is not something I’d ever recommend. Loin is more expensive and isn’t as good in the recipe

løvely says:

So I'm Muslim and it's forbidden for me to eat pork, I wonder though, how does it taste?

Kitterz says:

Why does pulled pork always need bbq sauce or ketchup/mustard? Are there any recipes without it? I have weird picky eaters at home.

Matthias says:

you know, the fries one (second dish) is just a very fancy version of the Kapsalon :p

Grime says:

you know when the recipe is going to be seasoned well when you see black hands

Mingge Pertin says:

what cooker is that ! and where can I find one?

Julian Muñoz says:

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JesusFreakJene says:

Pork Fries! 🍟 👍

Olivia Arizmendez says:


derpypear200 says:

Me: ew thats so unhealthy

Also me: I MUST HAVE IT!

Nyxtroos says:

Anyone else muslim? Lol jk. Pork is tasty.

JP Ag08 says:

Good ideas for pulled pork. But man I wouldn’t call that pulled pork. Have to put a pork butt on the smoker. It’s the Easiest meat to bbq

bish im not a weeb ok gtfo says:

I don't like pork. I think I'll use chicken instead-

Smack! says:

🅱️ O N E L E S S

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