5 Tasty Noodle Recipes

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masira abid says:

I think rie made all this

Hailey Kang says:


Indu Hari says:

A video without cheese

suga and spice says:

The whole point of instant noodles is that you are too broke and lazy to have a proper meal

dank bunker says:

"5 tasty noodles to make with the facts it is difficult for you to find the ingredients nearby".

Assasinate Wolf says:

Im watching just cause im hungry
(Not to do these totorials)

Mabby Bloom says:

Uhhh i think the noodles is the only ingredient i can find here, and I’M really hungry…. so i’ll eat noodles :v

Edgar Argoadhi says:

In Indonesia we make noodle less than 5 minute so… And more cheap

Enzo da Motta says:

anyone here from the giant ramen video??

Muskan Kumari says:

I don't think any Indian is going to eat these recipes 🙄😏

Aqua Princess says:

1:34 I bet that spicy paste isn't spicy at all for Mexican and Indians and some other nations.

Happy Frends says:

عاشت الأيادي 👌👏👏👏👏👏💗

omar taymour says:

can't you make it simple

Bhavini Kapoor says:

Please make something vegetarian also for the veg. People like if u r vegetarian

Mo Moh says:

hii follow this boy u should try this noodle from here https://real-sky.com/kiflsdjn

Nighat Shami says:

me : Watches this video
also me : I'll make this
also me :Wow I'm such a picky eater

Abrahamkiwi Speedo says:

They look so gross wtf

Elena Coutinho-Taylor says:

fun fact: at 7/11 they sell boiled eggs. To eat. individually wrapped. and they are amazing.
If you want to try something similar but aren't in japan, boil an egg in bonito flakes/powder and some kelp.

Sumi Munia says:

In 2nd recipe i thought they forget about the noodle.grrrr -_-

Jaagup Talvis says:

All of these look yummy

Ema 99 says:

I loved the last two recipes

Bindu Madaan says:

Hello 🙋 buddies!!!
Do u guys like fried balls with stuffing?? If yes then here's the recipe :
1 Boil some noodles 🍜
2 Heat a pan with butter and add in chopped garlic, stir it then add capsicum, carrot, broccoli, chicken pieces and mix well
3 Add salt, paprika, BBQ sauce and anything else u want
4 Mix well and add noodles
5 Mix well….
6 let them cool down
7 Crush some corn flakes
8 Now take ur noodles and add in a little of flour
9 Mix well and make balls out of mixture
10 Now beat two eggs together
11Coat the balls in egg then in crushed corn flakes and then put in pan containing oil
12 Fry them till golden brown
13 Serve them with ur fav topping….
Ready 👌👌👌
Plz try it and if u want more recipes then comment 💬
Till then bye 👋

Nolan Schotanus says:

Half of these ingredients sound like rare item drops in an rpg

Yue Xyooj says:

Me literally eating cup ramen.
i'm fine.

Hikari Alpaca says:

the beef shank dish looked like they left the silverskin on. Prolly want to get that off if you make this yourself

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