5 Veggie-Packed Recipes For Your Kids!

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ЕпикМамочка says:

Sriracha? Not many kids will eat that one.

hakuna matata says:

Why would I freeze fruits and veggies for 6 months just to make a healthy smoothie ?????


Mama Tried says:

Lovely video! I hope you’d enjoy our channel too! Let us know what you think and have an amazing! 🤩🤍

Story Time For Kids says:

Those look great :) I really liked your video. I would like to invite you to subscribe our channel. We have fun read aloud stories for children :)

Tyler Eaze says:

Anyone else here with ARFID?

Winhzel Bacomo says:

Good day! Thank you for your video. I have some questions:
1. What is the other way of cooking broccoli tots other than cooking?
2. Can it also be a viand?
Thank you for answering my queries!

Seblewongel Negash says:

Now this is what needs to be Age-Restricted.

Cheeney Acejo says:

My 2 year old loves it… You just need to make it look like a cookie… This is a good way of introducing veggies to toddlers

Kiwi cola says:

hehehhehehe now my mom can enjoy the delicious meal i prepared for herrr

Shashank C says:

Broccoli smoothie. NOPE PASS

Salem Wolf4506 says:

Some of these look good but there’s no way kids won’t know there’s broccoli in those tots

Josephine Henry says:

Like the broccoli,fruit smoothie idea.

Shelley Clark says:

I would not recommend string cheese to a two-year-old when I was about nine years old I witnessed my brother choked on a cheese string I think it was too hard chew I would not recommend this for a young child even cut up not string cheese has he been hard for me and I'm 21 years old

Josi does athletics says:

“Freeze up to 6 months”

Me: pulls out moldy broccoli and berries after 6 months like it said

Mariah Watley says:

Did anyone try the mac and cheese?

Mariah Watley says:

I am watching this video so I can cook healthier dishes for my 19 year old girlfriend who despises vegstables… Im on her ass now with that veggie packed marina sauce😂😂😂

_ Weeb _ says:

Well here’s a stupid quote
“If kids don’t taste it, kids don’t fuck with it”

TourG P says:

im watching this bc my boyfriend has not eaten a veggie since 3RD GRADE AND HIS MOM WAS OK WITH IT

Rebecca Woollard says:

I’m making the first one 100%! From a broke college student 😂

Shannen Libres says:

I'm too young to have kids, too old to be a kid, too young to be allowed to pick what groceries to buy and what to cook for dinner

Big S says:

Not gonna lie the first one looked like owl pellets

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