6 Crispy Snacks To Make For Friends

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abd alrafi3 gamer says:

Completely unhealthy

Nerdy Miya says:

That one lucky person that eats everything…

john sky says:

I'm so hungry I want to cry and there's no food in my pantry or fridge omfg

GrandmaDZN says:

Report for sexual harresment at the starting of the video

acetomics says:

Hell nah! They’re bringing their own snacks..I ain’t making them snacks.

These recipes are for me and their food because they can’t eat.
They won’t even clean up after themselves.
They might aswell be kicked out when they arrive.

10 seconds later

Why are plants so hard to be friends with?


Edit: i didn't edit this !!!!

cassandra kaye rivera says:

I dont need to do that because i dont have loyal friends they are so plastic to me

Hiba Mohiuddin says:

hOw To dIe BeFoRe ThE aGe Of 40

Bella Wanti Listari says:

I wish you are my friend

Park Jeejī says:

Just starving myself

MaximalBehämmert says:

Love the video but what the hell does "friends" mean?
Should i make it for a tv show?
I never understood that word

Beauty & Health Salon Beauty Wonder says:

Oh man..I've never been happier

Rain Echo Studios says:

I'm seriously stupid. I'm watching this while fasting.

go away or im gonna MEOW says:

Take a shot everytime Tasty doesnt season their food

damien helm says:

I can't believe my mom lied to me she said "this is my recipe like it?" like why?

bogus Kawaii says:

I don't like to cook, our stove might pop and make fire.

*not for kids *

Frozen _RBLX says:


Mehreen Bano says:

Are you using plain flour or cornflour

TiReD oF LiFe says:

Lol they think I have friends

Black Noon says:

Im watching this even tho I don't have friends

•KrypToNex YT• says:

I love cooking foods but….. The one thing is i dont have money lol

SilentAutumnHues _09 says:

Sorry but I don't want to serve my friends diabetes…I love them too much for that.

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