6 Delicious Movie Night Snack Recipes

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This weekend wrap up warm, grab a blanket and enjoy a blockbuster classic at home with these 6 delicious movie night snack recipes!

0:00 – Garlic Bread Chips With Bacon Cheese Dip
1:08 – Chocolate Cookie Dough Truffles
2:30 – Pizza Cone Dip Ring
3:38 – Hot Chocolate Churro Mugs
5:23 – Cheeseburger Corn Dogs
6:42 – Big Mac Onion Rings

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Ash h says:

Me: watching the garlic bread scoop out the dip satisfyingly 😴🤤
Ad all of a sudden: sImPLy gUiTaR..

Guy Roland Agnangoye says:

I love you 😍

James Nallen says:

Looks yummy carry on great work 😁😁

Guess That says:

Me: Waiting for video to load
Also me: Reads garlic bread chips with bacon cheese dip

قــمـــر مـحـمود - Qamar Mahmoud says:

I look at food 😋😄 and Yummy

Relax Music and Sounds says:

Like it, will try! 😋🌴

Luciana says:

I would definitely cook that meat from the hotdog and the onion ring before fry

Mannat Sidhu says:

My movie night snack will be dominos and a bottle of coca cola

By the way in quarantine jt would probably be some instant popcorns and a packet or two of chips



Guys do visit my profile

Vishvamber Deshmukh says:

Twisted: Preparing movie night snacks
Me: Munching on some readymade snacks……. don't wanna miss the movie

Delighted Soul says:

"Laughter is brightest where food is best."

Abdul Gafoor says:

2:25 poor guy didn't get that chocolate bar….
Edit: OmG thank you for 0 likesss


The thing im a diabetic patience😂

P Areej Ahmed says:

atleasy they dont wast like 5 min crafts

Swathi K says:

I watch it for the feeling of eating these foods 😅

vishakha swami says:

I don't know which ingredients are used in this video 😭

Lokesklokesh Wari says:

Seeing it's good but doing 😅

Trisha Anne de Gracia says:

Is this video not from Tasty channel??

Panak Singh says:

Disliked bcoz he used beef …..🙄 So disgusting !!!!

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