6 Easy Pie Recipes You Can Make At Home • Tasty

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Which pie are you baking up first?! 🥧

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Alice Maxwell says:

Everyone’s always saying how they never make the tasty recipes on here but I do and they’re delicious!! You should try!

Miles Salinas says:

I love this video without talk

Scarlett Cohan says:

Let me fix this title for you guys: 8 Hard Pie Recipes You Probably Can't Make at Home

No other Like my own skin says:

How do you make your version of a Knorr Spinach & Greek Yogurt Dip?

When you're able to.

Fajar Hassan says:

Me: Hmmm that looks easy
Also me: *puts kitchen on fire a soon as sets foot in it*

O Alkatheri says:

Wtf is ice water 1:26

Oskar Hansson says:

Had to mute the video because of that music

Cristian Fuentes says:

The only cooking channel on yt we can't trust

iZahraa says:

This is like Troom Troom Food

surabhi shukla says:

Me: Wow that looks so amazing imma try it for sure :3

Ingredients: no❤

Wonderlife says:

The applepie is actually very tasty. I tried it

Josh Raguindin says:

U really called them "chocolate sandwich cookies"? Like whatttt

Opticlick GD says:

where else would we make it

Beaxry says:

yEs sO eAsY wItH hOmE iTeMs😍😍😍🥳🤩😔⚡️🤪🤑🤠🤖🤟🏼🙈🙉✨✨🧚🏼🧚🏼

ʙruhZard says:

When the videos says unsalted butter, and you have some but its salted lol

ʙruhZard says:

When you dont have the ingredients ;-;

Amuktha P says:

This music makes we wanna yell “Ya dude” in a surfer boy accent.

YaYellowGirlio ¿ says:

maybe this can calm my insomnia

NotThatGirl 30 says:

ONLY and ONLY because Tasty said it's easy, I've decided to not make these. I swear, that's the only reason

Carrotman Mcgee says:

I'm glad you guys actually make new original ideas and content and don't just re-uploaded old recipes, unlike other baking and cooking channels that I will not name.

Navya Lohan says:

I swear quarentine bought me here-

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