6 Easy Snacks You'll Want To Make Again And Again

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Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/71857

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gwn- adrian says:

Im gonna use this for pewdiepie submissions

XxBunny CarrotxX says:

C-c-chocolate with e-eggs????? I’D RATHER EAT A CARROT DART 🤮

Walter Fowler says:

2:20 that’s just sloppy joe meat..

ilyas B says:

Deep frying shit isn't exactly an 'easy' snack.

MyAnimatedLife says:

"Dad why are the neighbors high again?"

gleiciane Medeiros says:

Eu jamais comeria o primeiro eca

Ruh Bruh says:

One word for the cucumber triple decker…. no

Raposo says:

"Cool meals you can make"
Hm, nice
Fondue, but inside a BREAD

TheShift115 says:

0:40 prob the easiest xD

CB Hydra says:

Bold of you think I can use an oven

Wiell Nyan says:

There is no Creme brûlée?

Bethany Chandler says:

i relly like your koocking so much
i love it

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