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Today I’ll be meal prepping 6 extremely easy crockpot meals. These are healthy and affordable drop and go recipes for the crock pot or slow cooker. I hope you enjoy this extremely easy, healthy, & affordable crockpot meal ideas.

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↠ Here is where I got these recipes from: https://thefamilyfreezer.com/2015/02/09/crockpot-freezer-meals-from-whole-foods-8-meals-in-35-min/

↠ Watch the grocery haul for these crock pot recipe ingredients here: https://youtu.be/W8LwzqKL9SU

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Christy Lyn says:

Do y'all have a favorite crock pot or slow cooker recipe? I'd love to hear about it!! Otherwise, I'd LOVE it if you'd just say hi in the comments to let me know you watched!! It's so much fun chatting with y'all!!

Kim Mitchell says:

OMG when I seen you dump thebeans in without rinsing them I almost got sick!!!!! Yuck never ever use the yuck they processwith always rinse your beans and cutting the chicken or meat up before mixingthebags makes stuff alot easier!!! Hope youdidntgetsick from the slime on the beans!!

Mona Lisa Kutsoati says:

Well really all meats should be cleaned except grounded meat's. But enjoyed

Mona Lisa Kutsoati says:

You should wash your chicken

Joanne Wozniacki says:

Love these recipes, Christy, and the plastic bag under cutting board idea! I’ll be making all of them. Thank you.

Jennifer Lozada-Alexis says:

Great video

Joanne Wood says:

May sound illiterate but do we take the dinner out of the zip lock or cook in the bag?

Omnia ARNP says:

Too much beef is not healthy.

Aileen Spinney says:

Why didn't you rinse your beans?

Pam Schonfarber says:

Eat bread when you have to chop, dice whatever onions, works like a charm

Darlene Johnson says:

Love the idea of the plastic bag for disgards bits!

Bonnie Cotman says:

Great video! Loved the music too.

Annie Coleman says:

I didn't like the fact u didn't wash that meat off.

Tawana Jeffries says:

How were the meals ? I couldn’t find a follow up. Thanks!

Ketogenic Kim says:

I loved this video. I used my crock pot all the time when my children were still at home. I think I might break it back out again after watching this. TIP. If you put a damp paper towel under your cutting board it won't stop around. I sometimes forget to do that but it's safer when you're using a knife. I just noticed it slipping, or I would never have said that 🤗💗. I'm a new subscriber!

Crystal Rose says:

If you don’t cut the peppers some of them will fill with juices. It’s taste amazing.

Radar DiMaria says:

If you spray your measuring cup with a quick spritz of Pam or other non stick cooking spray, the honey will slide right out….just a hack I learned from another video ions ago…..:)…..wasn't that one meal with all the pepperoncini really, really spicy?? Also, I didn't know you could just add the beans without draining in the chili….I was under the assumption you had to drain and rinse the beans…..yes?….no?…..would love to hear other opinions since this year was the first winter season I tried making homemade chili…..thanks :)….enjoyed the video.

dave mcmanus says:

To be honest, I clicked on this video because I saw the thumbnail and saw an insanely good looking gal. So sue me, lol.
However this is one seriously good idea you got here. I'm gonna have to dust off my crockpot! Thanks!

Graham Durkin says:

I just purchased a slow cooker. I will defo be using these recipes :)

Luiza Garcia says:

People, rinse your beans, you can use baking soda to get the garlic smell off your wooden cutting board, and always double bag your big meals or use a mixing bowl to hold it up haha I’m glad you figured that out!

Linda Taylor says:

These look great. I wish you would have rated them after you tried them.

Robin Black says:

Question, do you not wash your meat before putting it in your bags?


Christy, enjoyed the video, however, feel unfinished. Would like to see the final product after cooking in the crockpot too. Cheers.

Lady's Things says:

That “washing meat spreads bacteria” logic is so flawed. It can’t spread if you don’t splash and if there is scary bacteria to spread, you need to wash your meat. You spread more bacteria using a cutting board on a counter than meat in a bowl with water going down the drain. Meat can be cleaned without splashing. Get your bowl, fill with water then add salt, lime and vinegar set bowl in empty sink. Add meat. Nobody is just running water with meat underneath splashing water everywhere. You could also argue that washing your cutting boards and tools you used for meat spreads that bacteria you tried not to spread being the reason you avoided washing your meat. If you clean your kitchen accordingly there’s nothing to fret.

Better Late Than Broke says:

Hi,great video!

Betty Smith says:

Love this idea and your videos. The music is so loud I can’t understand what you are saying. I still watched and learned. Thanks

Cracky Jimbob says:

Why do you WASTE the fat on your meat ? Looks like you could eat some of it. Try it, Great flavor !!!

Cracky Jimbob says:

The first 2:05 is completely unnecessary. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.

susan nordstrom says:

just wondering what the beans are going to be like cooking all day

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