6 Healthy Snack Recipes | Ready to Eat Snacks | Homemade Biscuits & Namkeen | Weight Loss | Hindi

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Need a quick energy boost without worrying about going to the store to get some unhealthy ready to eat snacks. Pick from our selection of healthy home cooked snacks biscuits, cookies, Namkeen, crispy Makhana, energy bars and more. So Snack smarter with these healthy 6 snack recipes for simple bites.

👉 Six Healthy Snack Recipes For weight Loss:

1. High Protein energy Bars 00:15
2. Crispy murmura Namkeen 03:55
3. Homemade Atta Jaggery Biscuit 05:52
4. Tangy chappate Phool Makhana 09:26
5. Crispy peanut Butter cookies 12:24
6. High protein Chana Tikki 16:02

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cute baby lovely says:

Lovely snakes. I like phool Makhana. I eat it. But please suggest how much we can take it daily.

Prameela Sagar says:

Madam, can we add mixed dry fruits powder instead of only almond powder as i want to give it to my 2 year old kid

Neelam Charaniya says:

Hi mam I have tried energy bars it's very tasty and very nice

Harry Devils says:

Yes i used to add curry leaves in it
And it just yummy😋

Samiksha says:

Ma'am you are superb.I tried your High protein bar.it is so good and healthy.

Sukriti Kapoor says:

Oh ma'am you are Just excellent ,God bless you ,thank you for sharing these recipes. I wanted to speak to you in person, how can I contact you, please tell me God bless you.

Jaswinder Kaur says:

Hello Anju ji I saw your 1 video where you mentioned wheat. Can kids can drink?

Beauty by Bhakti BHAKTI says:

Amazing recipes

Manjula Gudpati says:

Pls.give some solution

Manjula Gudpati says:

Hello madam, I will always follow your guidance , I have reduced 16 kilo weight in 10 months but now 2 yrs has passed, I am not reduceding ,and the weight is moving flexible, and i having belly fat also .
I am doing daily exercise

Farhin Khan says:

Can u show some snacks for arthritis, these are all high protein snacks, not for me,plzz reply

Pranita Yadav says:


Kinjal Soni says:

What is you website? Where can we get your food carts?

Devika Harsh says:

Hi mam Very nice 👌recipe

Sofialove Sofia says:

Thank you dear 😙 💖 💖 💖 i love you

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