6 simple indian recipes for lockdown with minimal ingredients | easy indian recipes

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turmeric milk recipe: https://hebbarskitchen.com/turmeric-milk-recipe-golden-milk-recipe/
neer dosa recipe: https://hebbarskitchen.com/neer-dosa-recipe-neer-dose-neerdose/
fada ni khichdi recipe: https://hebbarskitchen.com/fada-ni-khichdi-recipe-daliya-khichdi/

turmeric milk: bit.ly/2UelwTH
neer dosa: bit.ly/2CHBBKf
fada ni khichdi: bit.ly/2QynMEV
curd rice: bit.ly/2TxgAIY
dahi sandwich: bit.ly/2Q3lR8H
ghee rice: bit.ly/2A97utq

Music: http://www.hooksounds.com/

turmeric milk recipe | golden milk recipe | masala haldi doodh | haldi milk with detailed photo and video recipe. a flavoured indian turmeric latte spiced milk-based drink recipe made with turmeric, spices and honey. this is typically made and served as warm beverage drink for guests or for those who are down with cold and flu. turmeric and milk are known for its medicinal properties and when combined together and served, it helps to increase the immune system. turmeric milk recipe | golden milk recipe | masala haldi doodh | haldi milk with step by step photo and video recipe. indian recipes are not known for its taste and flavour, but also the medicinal properties it holds. particularly, there are certain dish and beverages which is served to improve the immune and digestive related problems. one such simple and easy beverage recipe is turmeric milk recipe or popularly known as golden milk recipe.

neer dosa recipe | how to make neer dosa | neer dose | neerdose with detailed photo and video recipe. a popular dosa variation prepared with rice batter hails from the udupi and mangalore cuisine. it is a simple, easy and quick morning breakfast recipe, without the hassle of urad dal batter. it is famously served with coconut based gravies like kori gassi, channa gassi, but also tastes great with spicy kara chutney too. neer dosa recipe | how to make neer dosa | neer dose | neerdose with step by step photo and video recipe. perhaps one of the most appreciated delicacies of south canara region prepared with just rice batter. it is a healthy breakfast option for those busy mornings without the hassle of fermentation and urad dal. moreover, with the usage of thin batter, the batter can be poured randomly without any circular movement of the ladle.

fada ni khichdi recipe | daliya khichdi | broken wheat khichdi with detailed photo and video recipe. an easy, tasty and more importantly healthy meal made with broken wheat, moong dal, vegetables and dry spices. the recipe follows the same traditional moong dal and rice-based khichdi and is served for the same purpose. it is an ideal morning breakfast meal or can also be served for lite lunch and dinner with a hint of a pickle with it. fada ni khichdi recipe | daliya khichdi | broken wheat khichdi with step by step photo and video recipe. khichdi recipes are one of the popular and sought after meal across india. it is generally made and served for various purpose like if you have stomach indigestion or crave for something lite to have. one such popular daliya based gujarati cuisine khichdi is fada ni khichdi recipe, known for its taste and simplicity.

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Lambert Simnel says:


Abihaa vlogs says:

Looks awsome

V Chahal says:

U are amazing… Clean simple to the mark Receipes n no unnecessary frills

Pikachu .i says:

I wanted to know how's turmeric milks test…I've seen it many Indian dramas and movies but haven't test it yet ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

young blood says:

Corona ki ma ki๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญvery hard to watch in lockdown

priya sharma says:

Dont put honey in hot milk ,it becomes poisonous

siva sankari says:

Your recipes are awesome… Can you upload the more videos for kids lunch box (partition lunch box recipes)….

Jaya R says:

Ghee rice nice ….my fav

Kavita Khedwal says:

No nonsense presentation of recipes, great going โค

Vanitha Hari says:

Hi plz upload lemon tea preparation


Turmeric Milk recipe is like a hell. LOL๐Ÿ˜

poonam mehta says:

Though the receipe are great, tag line of cooking with minimal ingredients during quarantined days is misleading.

Would suggest to keep the title and content aligned so that people don't waste time.

Divya Pilla says:

Really yummy nd tasty dishes I try it๐Ÿ˜

Manvi says:

Sab south ke nhi hote aanti aapki tarha

princess pinkito says:

Some cardamom to this is so delicious

Sahil Miglani says:

Garmi me esa dud piyenge bghwan ko jrur pyare ho jaenge… All have hot ingredients u used in haldi wala milk…

Utkarsh Chauhan says:

Minimal ingredients? Dafuq

Suraj Prakash Sharma says:

Nice all๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

payal tosyan says:

What's the substitute for coconut milk?

Rishika Sinha says:

Ginger in milk ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

alisha singh says:

Dahi rice๐Ÿ˜

Vanitha Ramanathan says:

Neer dosa… No need to ferment ah

Ganesh Marisetti says:

Make a video of making kurma

Renu Sai says:

Mam please give me heart

Swanti Uppal says:

Lol …d golden milk u made …can't b used in hot summers!!

Shashikala Bhat says:

How to make this kurma? Plz make video

Ganesh Marathe says:

Plzzz…. Make some recipes with minimum & available ingredients…….. Easy to make & oil free

Tilkesh Jathan says:

Thank you for your post. You have great cutting skills. It is evident from the bread side-cuttings, onion chops, chilly slits. Your basic are very strong. Keep doing good work. God bless you!

Supriya Banerjee says:

Very tasty… Thanks for sharing๐Ÿ˜Š

piCa lOveRs says:

Neer dosa kis pan me bnaye nonstick me bnta ni mjse

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