7 Easy Puff Pastry Dessert Recipes

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7 Easy Puff Pastry Dessert Recipes

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Jane Powers says:

It seems that ‘hungry cat” just looks into his cupboards every morning to find stuff to throw into puff pastry……

Antonietta Cinco says:

I am very interested in the cooking recipes they are very good

Winnie Chilton says:

Did you use raw cane brown sugar?

Alex Woolford says:

bruh, you literally have mushroom pizza, Title :7 Easy Puff Pastry Dessert Recipes dessert boi!

Наташа Нестерова says:

Мало комментариев потому что нет перевода на русский

Boun Milly says:

Thank you for sharing, what kind of puff pastry should I buy? Can you show me the picture of empty box please? And where can I get it in USA thanks again

Classicalbean says:

Do you have a recipe for Portuguese egg tart?

Concepcion Saracanlao says:

What are the peelings I can use? And the one you are placing on top?

مطبخ نانا NaNa Cuisine says:

🇲🇦🙋🏻Hello 👍👍👍👍fontastic 👍👍👍😋😍

Andriana says:

I love this video, want to try every one of these!

Asha Saraguru says:

Beautiful…how long can we store this? Do we need to store in refrigerator?

Katherine Nguyen says:

wait are the rest of the comments joking Bc I don’t see no recipe

Bếp Nhà Nancy says:

Looks so beautiful. Thank you

Ngoc Tran says:

You are AMAZINGGGG. Thank you so much. I love it :)

Khwaja Maroof Shah says:

Very good use if puff pastry

Head Over Bars says:

Really love the music in your videos… very pleasant through the surround system while getting ideas

Kim Zastrow says:

I just had a chocolate one

Tuberose says:

Excellent ideas

Culinary Days Karachi Catering says:

BRAVO – Very Nice……

ZJcity says:

Which one tastes better??

Shaz 18 says:

All great ideas but who has pizza for dessert?… 🧐🤔🤷🏽‍♀️

anju varma says:

what is the filling🙄

Nick Risi says:

Very good recpies

Sumayah Ahmed says:

Fantastic gna try it. Look delicious

Violet Zinke says:

Very beautiful presentation. Thank you.

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