7 Healthy & Easy Salad Recipes For Weight Loss | 1 week Veg Lunch & Dinner Ideas to Lose Weight

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Today I present to you 7 Healthy, Easy and delicious salads for Weight Loss. These flavourful & filling salads will help you improve your metabolism and burn calories specially when combined with a decent workout routine. These vegetarian salads are great for lunch or dinner. So here are 7 easy, nutritious vegetarian salad for the coming 1 Week.

1. Chana salad :- 00:15
2. Marinated soy Salad :- 02:50
3. Mushrooms & tofu :- 5:20
4. Creamy Veggie delight Salad :-8:06
5. Vanilla Peanut fruit Salad :- 10:06
6. Daliya Salad :- 12:00
7. Detox Salad :- 13:50

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Amu G says:

Yummy yummy yummy…. Also glad there is NO unnecessary yapping or doing sooooo slow like some pathetic videos

Nancy Dedha says:

For how many minutes should we steam the veggies exactly??

sumaira shah says:

yoghurt se weight ni brhta?

Journey With Sonia says:

Woww it's very healthy nd useful recipe

neha singh says:

What is pink salt?

Divyanshi Gupta says:

Where are you from and where do you get veggies like colored bell peppers and brocoli from?? We do not get good quality of them 😌

Ariestal says:

This is fantastic, very very helpful…. Thank you so much dear πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

Nishu Agau says:

supar super nice salad mam

zakirali mishrikoti says:

Can i use mayonnaise instead of curd ?

Sana zameel Shaikh says:

Diet plan kr sath kya yeh salad karsakte hai weightloss ke liyyeh

shobha saha says:

Thank you for nice salad recipes..but how can i consume those salad in daily basis…breakfast /lunch or dinner?

abrona100 says:

Very simple n easy to find all the stuff but one question you didn’t use a single garlic in any Recipes …

anamika choudhary says:

Mam soya, toffu ,Gobhi,brokli SAB thyroid me mana hai


Hello… Taking in Hindi then why the title in English…. Follow any one

vandana upadhyay says:

Where would we get "mixed herbs" which you are using in salad

Suhasini Bijapur says:

Thank you very much
This is the first time I am seeing so many varieties of salads in one go!
They all look very healthy

Simar Dhadda says:

Wow mam all recepe is great. Thanks for new diet.

gurjyot singh says:

What about macros

Rachana .Saroj says:

I'm your new subscriber! They look so yuummm. Can't wait to try

knowledge free says:

Who can listen cuckoo sound in background…??? Hit like

Alka Karale says:

Super super salads recipe… Thanks… πŸ‘

Aditi Srivastava says:

Can we take these salads in dinner also, if we are looking for weight loss?

Amrutha Venkat says:

Mam can I have salads for weight gain pls

kanika seth says:

Awesome. Best salad recipes ever seen

Daksha Shah says:

Bshut pyaar karate hai tumescent Sanandaj


Why are you mixing milk products (curd and panner) with lemon juice

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