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ahh i hope this video has you inspired with a bunch of new fun vegan food ideas!

ALL 75 RECIPES MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WIxOKZUh-8fb3ssGKmBJzvKSDnjGM7mYAWQg_oIGWGw/edit?usp=sharing

“75 ____” PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx2os-6uHPw_Wyu-YFnMU5-6afZI6ccBX

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camera equipment I use!
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tripod: Velbon Videomate 300!
vlogging tripod: flexible gorillapod

– how old are you? 17.
– where do you live? southern california.
– what blender do you use? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00939I7EK/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00939I7EK&linkCode=as2&tag=ashleywickasy-20&linkId=e331f6cab594e65d5c1075a8cac98a46
– how long have you been vegan for? 3 years.
-what is your food instagram? https://www.instagram.com/ashleysabundance/

current sub count: 184,000

FTC: this is NOT a sponsored video!

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ashley wicka says:

i’m currently bored at home so i’m replying to a TONNNN of comments just to let you know!:) i wanna interact with all of you

Virgo4life 916 says:

(Vegan) Mac N' Cheese

Jenna L says:

a kashi granola bar!

Marlee Eward says:

I am going to go vegan for a week!!

Jessica Okorie says:

I ate popcorn lol

Treeseason says:

I ate a banana lol

Lucy says:

Fruity pebbles

Aka the Titan says:

Me an my wife love u we started our own restaurant check us out if u in the Tampa Bay Area https://www.facebook.com/CCsvegankitchen/

Marla says:

last thing I ate.. some pineapple

emmi doherty says:

oh my gooooooossssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you did my ideeeeaaaaaaa eeeeee thanks (it might not have been me but i commented on a video and you did it !)


Can the last thing I ate be my B12 supplement😂

Kiona Mac-Jannet says:

Is it weird that I never had a sweet crepe? 🥴🤔

Spxoky.nightss says:

(Currently) Drinking a smoothie:) Also love your videos.. I'm not vegan or a vegetarian but I prefer eating/drinking vegan options! You help me out sm! <3 <3

nina reel says:

this is so helpful i loooove it!!!

R V says:

I made Mongolian Soy Curls over Rice and it was sooo good!

Grace Pman says:

i ate mac and cheese last🤩

Noelle Fogarty says:

love your vids! :)

Noelle Fogarty says:

hiiiiii Ashley!

Noelle Fogarty says:

the last thing I ate was rice

Leah Garbowski says:

I sent your google doc to my parents (not vegan or vegetarian) because they always ask me “what do you even eat” and “ what can I make” whenever we have dinner. So helpful thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tiffanie Shaw says:

75 vegan self care products (these are hard to find on a budget)

Erica Dunstan says:

almond spread on Cruscit and banana

Eilidh Aitken says:

Hi how are ya and the last thing I ate was toast xx

Tirza Rodriquez says:

I decided to go vegan. You’re videos have helped so much :)

Daniela says:

watermelon 🍉

Mariejesse 't Hoen says:

Love this video! Maybe you can do a friends choose what I eat in a day!

Mountain Flower says:

Cauliflower rice :)

Jarisa Pillay says:

Heyyy Ashley
I hope that you are safe at this very uneasy time of life 💘
I've been watching you're videos for over a year now and I absolutely love your videos
Please reply It'll mean A LOT to me 💖

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