8 Delicious Appetizers For Your Next Party

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Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/73862

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Luke Wiffen says:

Im so hungry 🤤

Diane Bunn says:

Tasty's favorite ingredients: Crescent rolls and Cheese

Jaime Accardi says:

Chicken pesto sliders are amazing!! Gonna make rhem till i o.d.!!

Mika Andela says:

Tasty is for fat people, litteraly every recipe has cheese in it

Muthayamcode Sali says:

mouth watering rerecipe

stormshadowctf says:

List what it is before the recipe starts please. This causes me to leave your channel.

Viola Antariksa says:

Why do most Tasty videos show food with cheese? They are delicious but sometimes you want different menu/ingredients

MK DT says:

Quarantine party ?

Viktor Lee Thorsson says:

How many times do I have to say that we don't use ranch in Buffalo? We use bleu cheese dressing (we just call it bleu cheese). If you dip Buffalo wings (just called wings here) in ranch in Buffalo people might actually fight you. Ranch is a salad dressing for children. No other use is acceptable in Buffalo cuisine.

Melissa Ramah says:

I am disapointed in tasty for deepfrying boiled eggs

Neo Mind says:

Egg dipped in Egg….Eggcellent

Forgetmenot Oceaneyes says:

Almost everything has cheese and garlic powder?

Anirudh Singh says:

Not complaining but you people make look like, vegetarians don't exist. Could you atleast tell if egg is an essential element in the dish or it can substituted? That would help a lot. 🍽🌾

Seham Obaidi says:

In my country they don't sell ready made dough….

Isla Cooper says:

One thing I’ve learnt from this video: Tasty. Loves. Cheese.

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