8 Delicious Breakfast Recipes You Need To Try

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These 8 breakfast recipes are sure to keep you going this winter! We’ve got plenty for both a sweet tooth and a savoury one, as well as breakfasts to share or for one.

0:05 – Chocolate Banana Pancake Dogs
0:56 – Ham and Cheese French Toast Swirl
3:38 – French Toast Stack
4:50 – Breakfast Enchiladas
7:39 – Full English French Toast
8:14 – Breakfast French Toast Roll-Ups
8:51 – Giant Sausage and Egg McMuffin
11:42 – French Toast Pockets

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Bro_itsjess Lets_play says:

Who makes a massive burger for breakfast 😂

Shirley Yugehst says:

Please, for the love of God, quit dipping everything in ketchup! 🤮🤮🤮

RadicalSini106 says:

And I thought I was a fat fuck eating two weetabix in the morning haha
And I love how one is called a full English and most people I know here rarely if ever eat a full English for breakfast! Maybe dinner!

Mama Pinky is playing says:

Unless you can go without food for 2hours in the morning don’t watch this

RandomatorTV says:

Just because there’s eggs doesn’t automatically make it a breakfast food, and could I have a calorie count on these recipes?

Cecelia Bleeker says:

Breakfast enchilada s!!!!

All Things alina says:

Well you and tasty must be best friends


It's called breakFAST for a reason…

cris tina says:

i cant stand this american thing about frying EVERYTHING

Hameed says:

This channel is named Twisted for a reason.

Vegan With Love says:

Just eat a pancake😂

Let's Talk Beauty with Dezi Queen says:

I love the jenga French toast

Ellie's Gacha says:

In the time that this person does 1 dish I could do “entomatadas” or “enfrijoladas” or “quesadillas” for me and the rest of my class

Gacha-Wolf says:

Yes I'm going to eat jenga tomorrow morning thank you for the suggestion

Gacha-Wolf says:

Diabetes here I come

Not your oppa says:

My question is why are these items not even breakfast anymore

Harvey Haarsma says:

This isn’t even breakfast anymore

Terankar says:

How to use ketchup for everything

Mimi Hearts says:

Ways to die before going to school also this isn’t breakfast THAT serving size is like ALL I eat in a day holy moly😂also how to get 😂diabetes

ana says:

this is the kind of food im having if my doctor says i have only 3 days of life

RegmoX says:

Using melted cheese is the lazy way to add flavor to a dish.

Reno says:

Mf loves ketchup

Stela S says:

Thanks but I think I'll have some cereal instead

Siobhan Henry says:

Yummy banana choc dogs hahaha

elisabete lacerda says:

But are we gonna ignore how they kept dipping stuff in to ketchup like NO HONEY NO!!!

Tobak Andreas says:

Its like 3 hours to make these things ready.. 😀

Jayden Young says:

Is my guy having a seizure cutting the ham and cheese roll

Omega Ghost says:

Oh my god I can feel my insides burning just looking at this
I'm literally getting heart pains looking at this

Kaos Rod says:

Hay no…. Cúanta marranes

Não sei o que colocar aqui .-. says:

Bruh, I prefer my typical bread with egg NORMAL in a good ol' pão francês and yorgut/juice(it's a brazilian thing) and wanna know… How much han and cheese is in USA? I'm just seeing people saying that cheese is expensive and etc…

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