8 Popular Japanese Summer Foods Recipes | OCHIKERON | Create Eat Happy :)

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These are the typical and popular Japanese Summer Foods that you may want to try to stay cool in hot weather 😋

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search for Edamame, Tomato, Corn, Eggplant, etc… any summer ingredients!

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Saki Bunnie says:

I can’t wait to try these! I’m not much of a cooker but these seem really easy to make 🤤

Strawberry’s Moe says:

These all look so good! But…
1.) I'm probably going to be too lazy to cook any of these
2.) I have no confidence in cooking and is going to probably burn down my house

Vee says:

Thank youuuu! I bought edamame the and her day and had n ides how to cook them haha

Mishpaa Spiteri says:

My Maltese side squealed at the Gozo salt!

AskiaLuna says:

Can I make the spareribs curry without such an industry curry mix? With normal spices, broth and so on.

わか わか says:


Keith Roeser says:

Thanks for the fun new Japanese recipes to try! It's always fun to watch your videos and you make everyday food from home!

Gキャット says:

Hiyashi-chuka: FYI do NOT use normal vingar like you get in the west, the white stuff is TOO strong. I had to dilute it SO much and ruined the taste. So if you have only normal vinegar, use ¼ of it. I also think instant dashi instead of water (konbu or normal) makes it taste even better!!

Lonelyeco says:

Thank you. I love these recipes!!

NiniKitty says:

I am making this today but with tofu and fish. I can't wait I got all the items last night. My son and I with all watch movies an eat the food you created. Thank you so much!

Andrea Cauchi says:

I know about this salt ( Gozo sea salt) as I am from Malta. But Maltese salt is better as it is the most natural sea salt you can find. Due to our place on the map (distance from equator) and our location (in the heart of the mediterranean sea) we have the best location for harvesting sea salt.

Piper Turner says:

Can you please make vegetarian gyudon? Using seitan or tofu? I love your videos by the way!

Kleines Kyo says:

Yes Arigato ✌
I Love your Video's

sirflimflam says:

I was with you all the way until the eggplant! Try as I might, I can't bring myself to be able to eat eggplant.

Arashikaze074 says:

For the recipes that contain ham, what can be substituted for it?

NamiNami921 says:

I love the eggplant recipe! Will definitely have to try that one out!

Zwordsman says:

Whatever it was you put in the rice, for the curry? I've never seen that before. gonna need to look that up~

Agnik Halder says:

This is amazing!

恵美子堀川 says:


佐々木裕人 says:

In this hot summer days , I totally can't think any other dishes except this ones!! Thank you so much for the recipe ochikeron 😄!!

Bloody_Opal says:

nice I need to try these

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