8 Quick And Healthy Breakfast Recipes • Tasty

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Check out these 8 recipes for a quick and healthy breakfast!

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alexia hartkopf says:

I love you tasty but why does 5:02 look like something that came from under the carpet

funsky says:

Those fruit juices looks so amazing!!!!

Alexa Rosenfeldt says:

Me: eats chips while watching healthy quick breakfast foods to make
A little side note I'm not going to make any of these I'm just bored

hungrypikachu135 says:

Apparently all a "healthy breakfast" requires is egg, chives, and bacon… Not what I would've guessed…..

theater crack says:

freeze up to 3 months

The Bears says:

Cereal it is

jerry sneed says:

How are these easy? They look yummy but they look a little complicated.

Sparkling Sierra says:

Quick and healthy breakfast
Then you have to freeze something for 3 months

Roxette Fagoaga says:

I feel a little concerned for the people in the comments who think up to 3 months in the freezer means that they have to WAIT 3 months to use the fruit.

Sebastian Cornelius says:

Title: 8 “QUICK” and healthy breakfast recipes.

Ingredients: freeze fruit for up to “3 MONTHS”!!!

Hazera Hoque says:

Just ignore this, this is just for me to know.

Army Kookie says:

Tasty: “ Quick and easy recipes”

Also tasty: freeze for 3 months

Yeah cause I’ll have three months to make breakfast and also have enough time to whip egg whites to a peak in the morning, so true.

Francis Nguyen says:

I love yummy breakfast.

ichangedmynameandnowicantchangeitback says:

Me: sees them scope out the avocados No… don't tell me….. If they bake eggs in those avocados I will die, like wtf no please don't please no
Tasty: puts eggs in avocados and bakes them

I want to cry

Su kOn Eat Su kOn Eat says:

What’s the brown paper stuff used to wrap the egg McMuffin one

Sajana Gupta says:

Good so good

Keiara Gomez says:

OMG love the recipes 🍴

Amanda Sylvester says:

egg whte omeltte.brilliant..

Jay Kaye says:

Please stop using cling film and plastic bags! it’s so bad for the environment!☹️

Christina A says:

Tasty made a mistake in the name they wrote quick and health breakfast ideas and it's not quick or health so the should be breakfast ideas

Kollarsh says:

0:06 what is that spray?

Duncan E says:

NOT quick maybe healthy

The Barbell Philosopher says:

This is brilliant! Awesome vid, some really fantastic brekky ideas to try out!

Nae S. says:

Was it really necessary to show all of those smoothies being made? Like we couldn’t figure it out after the first one? 😂

Frank Lopez says:

All this looks good.

Alexander Perez says:

Eggs in a cloud intrigued me lol. The morning breakfast sandwiches was smart. And I will also be making the breakfast balls.. simply bc it's hilarious if someone ask what you're eating :)

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