8 Winter Dessert Recipes

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The winter season is the best season to experiment with your baking skills. Here are 8 dessert recipes inspired by the snowy, cold season, which will satisfy all of your sweet treat cravings.


0:13 – Candied Bacon And Banana Bundt Cake
1:52 – Rice Pop Marshmallow Cheesecake
3:51 – Boozy Red Velvet Hot Chocolate
5:07 – Millionaire’s Shortbread Brownies
7:18 – Pumpkin Spice Churros
8:34 – Glazed Cookie Zebra Buns
10:03 – Boozy Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate
11:06 – Hot Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Cookbook Pre-Order: http://po.st/dxy9qY

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Ruma Sharma says:

Thank you very much appreciated

Angela Bala says:

So yummy and tasty

Nida's Kitchen says:

Yummy perfect recpie

The right path!!Quran says says:

Who else

loves the notification "Someone liked your comment" or "someone ♥ your comment"

D Snyder says:

Slob much? Probably lost more ingredients than you put in the recipe. Jeez.

Shawn K says:

1:40 looked like someone nutted all over the cake

Richard Smith says:

I missed the winter part

A pineapple with a knife in it says:

Tasty has left the chat

Maria Da Silva says:

Buenos días me gustó mucho que está súper deliciosos😋☕️🌸

Lost Percussionist says:

Millionaire short bread brownies are basically the same thing as millionaire short bread, except the brownie is at the bottom and the shortbread/biscuit is thicker

Annalie says:

The first one was a big no no

Sweet dreams says:

Who like watch twisted,so yummy,and tasty?❤

Little Miss Cheetah says:

Yum yum in my tum tum
Me ( dude grow up)!?
BFF ( whatever 😑)

AnxiousPieceOfGarbage says:

60 comments? Looks like O found this before the algorithm did! -Saturday September 21, 2019 as of America’s time.

black ash says:

اع اع اع 😭 بدي

namariq nona says:

تجنن الوصفات I like thes vidow

Shana Medley says:

I give 👍👍👍 👍 up to everything, but that 🥓 bundt cake, what is that?

canan gungo says:

I 💝💝💝 so much your wonderful videos.🌺🌹🌺

Imtithal Nureldaym says:

My favourite was definitely the second one, absolutely delicious looking recipes, Thanks for sharing twisted!

Pancha Monserrat says:


gloria mungwana says:

I came here to torment myself 😀😀

Minty Fox says:

Also what's with you and 'boozy' hot chocolate?

Minty Fox says:

I find your lack of peppermint…disturbing.

Lane Tef says:

all ingenious and innovative, but that last one was disgusting

Rajesh Soni says:

Oh my god I'm in love with your recipes you are mind-blowing…. Awesome 👌👌

Fayyaz Shaikh says:

Soo yumm💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

Baida BaidaAn says:

Can people REALLY eat that. That’s nice, a mix of all the treats people like but seems sooooooo fat and sugary that I wonder if it’s really eatable.

beauty with jayka says:


Rushi waghmare says:

Woooooww. Look… diabetes.

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