9 Must-Try Christmas Cookie Recipes!

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If you’re looking for holiday cookies to bake up this holiday season, we’ve got you covered! This video is sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill: https://bit.ly/SSV-Bobs-Red-Mill-December-2020



– (0:00) Intro
– Cookie Tins: https://bit.ly/3oVRv96
– (1:22) Ginger Molasses Cookies: https://bit.ly/SSV-Ginger-Molasses-Cookies
– (2:26) Thumbprint Cookies: http://bit.ly/SSV-GF-Thumbprint-Cookies
– (3:22) Gingerbread Cookies: http://bit.ly/Vegan-Gingerbread-Cookies
– (4:30) Sugar Cookies: http://bit.ly/Vegan-Sugar-Cookies
– (5:21) Vegan Eggnog Snickerdoodles: http://bit.ly/SSV-Eggnog-Snickerdoodles
– (6:23) Cinnamon Twist Cookies: http://bit.ly/SSV-Cinnamon-Twist-Cookies
– (7:43) Peppermint Meltaway Cookies: http://bit.ly/Peppermint-Meltaway-Cookies
– (8:38) No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies: http://bit.ly/SSV-No-Bake-PB-Cookies
– (9:26) Pecan Cranberry & Orange Shortbread Cookies: http://bit.ly/SSV-Pecan-Shortbread-Cookies

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– Jasmine’s Lifestyle Channel: http://bit.ly/Jasmine-Briones-Youtube
– facebook: http://bit.ly/SSV-Facebook
– Our vegan recipe ebook: http://bit.ly/Planting-Our-Roots



Hi, we’re Jasmine and Chris 🙃 Each week we share new videos including fresh and fun recipes, taste tests, vlogs, and more. When we’re not blogging or filming, you will probably find us enjoying live music, tending to our backyard garden or playing with our dogs. We invite you to join us in making the world a sweeter place ♥️

– Outro music by Chris’ band: http://bit.ly/The-Fireside-Story
– Cameras and products we use: https://www.amazon.com/shop/sweetsimplevegan
– Other Music by Epidemic Sounds: https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/9bt6t1/
– Endslate photos: https://www.instagram.com/chasingcheech/


FTC: This video is sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill, but all opinions are our own. This video may also contain affiliate links, which simply means that we earn a commission if you purchase through those links, but your price remains the same. Thank you for supporting Sweet Simple Vegan!

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Jennifer mitchell says:

This was so amazing to watch

Plant Based Senior says:

I used your tip for rolling out dough directly on silicon sheet. Worked really well. Thanks!

coconutty says:

I am scared to give edible gifts during the pandemic but once it is over maybe next year I will try :)

upup andaway says:

I'm a long time subscriber and this is probably my favourite video of yours 😍Thanks for sharing so many fun and creative recipes! The effect of the icing on the gingerbread cookies was insanely good, I rewinded it back and even watched it in 0.25x speed because I was so blown away 😆 Also loved the last cookie recipe in particular, so so pretty! Love all your content and effort that goes into making it, Merry Christmas Jasmine and Chris 🎉

Darya M says:

Would this recipe work with oat milk. I’m allergic to almonds

Aileen Carrera says:

I dont see the link for the reusable wax paper :(

Aileen Carrera says:

I'll be making the gingerbread cookies :)) so excited!

Mary Ouellet says:

Were did you buy the vegan wax wrap ? It’s linked down bellow

M M says:

I baked the sugar cookies and they are super good! I think next time I’ll leave out the salt because I used regular earth balance which is pretty salty lol! But they are super good!

_ blootokes says:

They all look so yummy😭👏🏼 can’t wait to try all of these recipes, my mom will love them😂

Keneater B. says:

Y’all. This video was just so Aesthetically pleasing to watch. I love it! Thank you so much for sharing.

Michelle Panoncial says:

Can we just use Oat flour if all we have is oat flour and there isn't enough time to get the others? 🥺

Sarah VOLOSOV says:

Hi. These cookies look great ! How long can I store them ? Thanks.

Alexianna Francois says:

What was the brand of wax wrap?

Everelet Kline says:

Hrequest: produce more "no bake" /raw dishez!

Juls says:

Wonderful recipes! I love the cranberry pecan cookie recipe!

Dina C says:

So beautiful , you guys are so talented,love your videos!!I look forward to them since one of my daughters is vegan ,love love it

Alex May says:

The delivery montage made me cry 😭💖

brendaedith says:

I was coming down with a case of the holiday blues… when December rolled in I was so excited to bake holiday cookies this year, but then the holiday blues are rolling in, however after watching this video I’ve got a spark again to get into the holiday homemade baking cheer, so thank you so much for sharing this video. It’s really got me motivated to bake a few of these recipes for my family. ❤️

cl hinton says:

Dang it. If only I'd seen this video last night before trying someone else's vegan snickerdoodle recipe. Such a waste of vegan butter and sugar to end up with a giant melted blob…

Daniela Covaa says:

woww!!! I want to make all the cookiess!!!

Linda Rosenthal says:

Cookies are on my agenda tomorrow. Will be making some of these. Thanks. Can’t wait to try the cranberry pecan cookies!

Dalia Gonzalez says:

copious amounts of vegan butter were used to make this video and I appreciate that 😂😂😂

Roseanne Chavez says:

So sweet of y’all to do a cookie delivery, looks yummy!

19hourswithSizzle says:

Cookies!!! Awww I love the ending! Get that festive time in! Happy Holidayz!

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