9 Snacks To Fix Your Late Night Cravings • Tasty

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Ward off those late-night cravings with these 9 delicious snack recipes 😋

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Nikki07 says:

I really don't think people are gonna crave DEEP FRIED MINI CALZONES late at night.

Garima Taneja says:

Don't watch it on it coz when u see this u won't be able to made this n then u sleep unwillingly😂😂

Laa Snapp says:

I just grab a snack

Alayana Ahmed says:

These take forever for a night time snack . 40 mins for the potatoes jeez


Everyone else at midnight: drinking water or getting a snack
Tasty: preheating oven

J I Y A says:

My family sleeping at night
Me:aggressive Gordon Ramsay noises

Vibing_weebz says:

1:15…. we will not go to sleep until then

Prabhakaran Rathinam says:

Comments section is full of conversation dialogues😂

Javier says:

Isn’t that august ames song🤣🤣🤣

Punya Chawla says:

my dad is going to wake up when i turn on the lights of my kitchen. so here is another recipie..
start hoarding chocolate and bananas in your room and eat then while watching netflix stressfully bcos you have assignments pending and you need to submit them by 7 am today:)

Heidicrazyfunny for spite says:

bold of you to assume i have food in my house😭

keita says:

yeah i think imma just use one of these for dinner

Migaha ツ says:

My dude really baking cookies right now

taehyunology says:

Freeze up to one month …..

Emily Alice says:

Wakes up goes to the kitchen wipes out deep frier mum walked in it’s 3am what u doing me I’m making spinach dip mozzarella sticks 😁 how bout u

JackInTheBlox says:

My family: sleeping


seren halcyon says:

has everyone tried any of these and turned out good they all seem modified somehow ?

Isabel Castle says:

too much effort im just gonna eat a bowl of cheese

Flower Girl says:


my dad : have a banana 😀

me: …

Era Strikchani says:

1:13 who is going to make cookies at 2 am went Everyone is asleep??

Wyd JusttChillin says:

I’m gonna go make those fries right now

mbongs r says:

Me:I have a little craving
Tasty: become Gordon Ramsey at 2 am

Claire Bellamy says:

This has made me hungry im going to make mozzalrela sticks

Sad!¡Wishes ¡! says:

her : "late snacks" also her coking cookies that we need to freeze for 1month

El Journal de Aran says:

I'm coming from a "stop late night snack craving" video 🤡

Alicja W. says:

It's 1AM and i have a little cravings.. let's make caramel brownies

Trix & Leah says:

So you’re just gonna turn on the light in the kitchen and take out an whole everything to make an dang snack?? And bake it ?? Wouldn’t you be hungry as hell

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