A Japanese "Intravenous Drip" Drink, Amazake 魔法瓶で作る甘酒

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Amazake is a unique drink because of its thick texture, magical flavour and story behind. You can sip it in small amounts to enjoy its tranquil, calming taste.

If you go to a shrine during the New Year’s celebration in Japan, you will see stands selling Amazake surrounded by people enjoying it. I believe that Amazake is deeply connected to aspects of our traditions, ceremonies, religion, and celebrations. If I had to choose one food or drink to represent Japanese culture, I’d choose Amazake.

Luckily nowadays Amazake is fun and easy to prepare from home. Because of its versatile nature, Amazake can be used as a sweetener, sauce, or even ice cream. In this recipe I use Japanese rice (typically sold as “sushi rice” or “milk rice” abroad). Different types of rice yield different results, so it’s fun to experiment too!;)


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150g rice
400ml water
150g koji

お米 150g
水  400ml
麹  150g


Music from my great friend of jazz guitarist, Masato Shimokajiya:
Email: shimoshimo0130@gmail.com


Camera: Sony a7 iii
Lens: Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 DiIII RXD A036
Tripod: Marsace MT-2541
Microphone: Rode Video Mic Pro Rycote VMPR
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC

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Monique du Plessis says:

Wonderful video! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Vladimir Fallas says:

Konnichiwa Aki san! that's a lovely video and your filmaking style very artistic, thanks!. Do you know were can I find information about the helath benefits of Amazake, but like good reliable info? I want to know if it actually can boost your inmune system, have a young friend who has been diagnosed a brain tumor and I want to help her with good dietary advices

Steph Ss says:

Rice is so underestimate in western cultures. Thank you for sharing this :-)

Sara Polainas says:

Welcome back! It's good to see you again! I love your videos, please continue your hard work! Thank you so much.

Anna Green says:

Your videos are lovely! It's hard to go out and get ingredients, but I'm going to make this recipe soon! I can't wait to try amazake . :) Welcome back to youtube! ❤️

B Koh says:

This recipe is exactly what I want!Thank you share this excellent work!

Arianne Rojas says:

Thank you for sharing this home recipe Aki. It is always a pleasure to see your new videos. It transmits calmness, mindfulness and peace. Let's stay strong and keep raising our vibrations in these times!

Deli Milko says:

Ur vids are so beautiful. Love how u take care of every detail in every frame. I have to see if I can find koji in uk. Take care x

Aki's Japanese Recipes for Vegans says:

In my video I explain Amazake as an "infusion drink." However, in Japan we call it an "intravenous drip" drink because it is so healthy. Let's get through this challenging period!

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