Amazing Knife Skills – Cut Taro l Chinese Recipes by Masterchef

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Watch Masterchef John Zhang creating a Chinese Delicacy with amazing knife skills. The main ingredient is cut with a fine knife, Chinese cleaver.

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Chinese chefs have rare and amazing knife skills. One cleaver does all the work: it can be used to cut, slice, mince, chop, smash and scoop up food. It’s so satisfying to see Chef John cut with such a precision.

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Alden Delos Santos says:

Wow really your amazing chef…❤️❤️❤️

Soibam Priyadarshini says:

Wohhh…..just wohh

Arminin &i says:

3 tonns of oil
u can eat this meal once a year))
Stay healthy!;)

FLIGHT1234321 says:

Any way to get the music listed? So peaceful!

Varghese chskkalakkal Varghese thomas says:

Super cooking,very nice

adhi satrio says:

约翰厨师长的视频总是非常复杂,从来没有标题那么简单。 哇👍👍 GBU

Miscellaneous Mind says:

Bruh this is like watching pœrñ, but I don't feel like crap afterwards lol.

Ms. Lolah says:

Ginutom ako huh sarap


Chef Champion

P says:

He deep fried everything 😅🥺😓😰

JM Duatin says:

Uncle Roger: MSG
Untie Hersha: colender
This Chef: cooking wine

Maddie Vega says:

Taro is also good boiled in big chunks or mashed with codfish/dry pollack stew (not too soupy) and Avocado. Yummy.

Imran Khan says:

And Corona virus was invented!

Mercedes D. Quileste says:

Wow ur cooking sir is so good

Santhu sant says:

Oh god… Tooo much oil


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