Amazing Pot Pie Recipes

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Here is what you’ll need!

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Jennifer Cavenee says:

Why add the word "Bake" at the end of that last one? It's so redundant. It's… it's just a pot pie…

simon hoare says:

Nope Not a pie, correctly a ' Pie' should have a pastry TOP AND bottom, it's the law..

Based says:

3:13 what a CREAMy pot PIE ;]

ssk ki vines says:

Testy styles

Elena Dragan Вкусные рецепты says:

Классный рецепт!

nikki minaj says:

tried de last receipe yesterdayy 🙌🙌🙌 it was 💯💯

Kirstyn Land says:

I’ve tried the last one. Doesn’t work. The bottom of the biscuit doesn’t cook so you just get a mouthful of dough

Bluemon says:


Why u call dat biscuits

Ерик Ыгланбеков says:

ли. лгозэъоллдлд

Pony Pony says:

OMG!!! So yummy😍😍😋😋😋

CHD SK says:

Who knew heartattacks came in pie form

Arielle Villanueva says:

Music is very persona 5ish

ur waifu sucks says:


aj gensel says:

Alright, so I finally decided to try the cook pasta in milk for mac and cheese trick. I DO NOT recommend it. It makes no difference how much cheese you add, all the mac and cheese tastes like is flour. GodAWFUL shortcut. Make it the right way, yes, it requires more work, but you will be rewarded by a much better flavor profile.

Cyrribrae says:

These look good and all, but are they really pot pies?.. Are they pot pies in any real meaningful way or form?

SuperJRock Gaming says:

Calling macaroni elbow pasta

Louis Tapp says:

Why are there no soup options… no love for authentic Pennsylvania Dutch potpie?

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