An easy guide to EPIC salads » + 3 recipes

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01:34 Warm couscous salad:
04:12 Deconstructed caesar salad:
08:08 Spinach, blueberry & feta salad:

🥖 Homemade croutons:

👉 Breakfast smoothie bowls:
👉 No-cook meals:
👉 Refreshing summer drinks:

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» Kettle:
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» Cutting board:
» Mini spice jars:
» Air-tight containers:

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❤ Sadia

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Ms.K says:

This was amazing! Would love more and so excited to try these!! 😍

K. B. says:

Amazing! 🤩 😋

Abdullah Qureshi says:

Omg her kitchen is Pinterest posts

karina13xx says:

What I would do to have a pantry and kitchenware like hers😩😩😍😍

Alejandra Lozano says:

ahhh these look so good 💛if i’m not vegan and i don’t have nutritional yeast can i substitute it with something? thanks !

Elbasan Albania says:

You have to have more subscribers as you are amazing

cdonatellamakeup says:

Such great recipes 🍀

Patricia Florian says:

Great ideas

Sonni Hall says:

Made all of these salads for breakfast this morning. They were are delicious. Thank you!

Amanda says:

Your kitchen is so pretty 😍 I have never learned to cook but always wanted to, hard to learn but your videos are great and you're so inspiring!

Alina says:

Now you have a new subscriber. Your videos are amazing! Thank you!

FancyDress21 says:

I just tried the spinach salad and oh my, it's absolutely delicious 🤩 thank you and congratulations on your exams, you're such a positive presence in our lives ❤🙏

sudheer duggisetty says:

Asouthindian cant understand u r English atonce after hearing you ,so pls enable subtitles to all ur videos

Nadia. M. Manara says:

Subtítulo un spanish 🙏👍🏻

Tout Rec says:

Great recipes. Tips for everyone: put the speed at 1.5

Veshanka Chetty says:

Great video! Love these 😍 thanks Pick Up Limes.

Arpita singh says:

Sadia…. I looooove your recipes. Just to add, kindly bring back videos like tea time Tuesdays as regulars. Those were so therapeutic

Hartmann Denham says:

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celebraty sachin says:

I want marrei you

Michael Denham says:

The victorious manager complementarily watch because soil visually claim excluding a hapless violin. sweet, innocent shampoo

Diany Kelly says:

The ablaze appliance impressively change because crayon ontogenically disarm anenst a ready marble. obtainable, languid monkey

Sam Musto says:

Are you a 4wing3??

Clean Meal says:

Great Recipes !! :) Must try

deanna bernard says:

I have made 2 of the 3 epic salads. So good. Love watching and re creating your recipe’s thanks a million. Keep them coming. Lots of love from Canada

R Y A A NッR Y A A Nッ says:

Mam u use what type of spinach…

Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief says:

Wonderful video, my friend, thank you for sharing this experience with us! Have a beautiful week!👍🎧😎

Elvira Ahimsa says:

You are wonderfully

Sacda Abdurhman-Personal Growth says:

“You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy” loved the video🤍
Sharing some love from a small YouTuber

a_little_disquised says:

Seared lettuce reminded me of that one kitchen nightmares episode

Nova Marie says:

My boyfriend (a passionate carnist) just texted me saying "I really wanna try the epic salads we saw on YouTube the other day" and I've never been so happy 🥰

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