Angry Mussels 3 Ways | Jamie Oliver

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Watch Jamie make these mussels angry with his simple chilli and tomato arrabiata sauce! Go plain with a simple mussel broth or serve over toasted ciabatta and linguine. Flavoured with garlic, rosemary and a dash of white wine this dish is ready in minutes – the ultimate fast food and one of the most sustainable too!

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Fred Huybens says:

I’m Belgian so I will be a little bit prejudiced about it, but I would also add green celery to any one of those excellent recepies. Mussels and celery are a match made in heaven.

utpal sarma says:

Where is Bobby chin???

Nos IX says:

I tried it, and it was very bland, but i forget white folks likes to eat mayonnaise alone….

Rob Leeuw says:

It was a succes .thanks Jamie 👌i am the chef😜

Rob Leeuw says:

I try un sunday ,first time 🤞🏻

Gillian Esquilant says:

What's not to love to about this dish fresh ingredients, seafood, herbs, chilies, tomatoes and cooked three ways by a wonderful chef…I love Italian, seafood and fresh ingredients, I particularly love Italian cuisine for this very reason, thank Jamie for such a wonderful recipe and Kiora from New Zealand.

Dave d'Video Maker says:

I would season the mussels with a Knorr fish stock pot.

cory flowers says:

Doing all of this toooniiiiiight

Rolando Suarez says:

Cut a piece of “interesting bread”?? Lmao where can I buy this.

Valerie M Ckenna says:

You've done school dinners excellent . Travelled the world but can you help someone with eating disorders????,

TheMaloney says:

Remove the seeds of the chili? Are you retarded?

Muhd Shafiq says:

can we use white grape juice instead of white whine?

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