Appetizer Recipes – How to Make Deep Fried Lasagna Pieces

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Lasagna is reinvented into a crispy-fried irresistible appetizer stuffed with meat, sauce and cheese! Cook beef and Italian sausage, mix with cottage cheese, pizza sauce and mozzarella, then stuff into cooked manicotti shells. Freeze, slice, dredge in flour, egg and bread crumbs, and fry up golden. The moment these are served hot and melty, mouths will water. Don’t forget to offer a dish of additional sauce for dipping awesomeness! 

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Chop Happy says:

great idea – love!

Creative Kitchen says:

Such a great idea!

Kaoten küche says:

You`re doing cool things! Excellent!
Liebe Grüße Ela

anthony whitehead says:

igotta try.this is easy&looks good.

linda “lafloo7117” flood says:

Heart Attack in a pan. Enough calories for the whole day. Not Good.Peace!

HanzSygnal says:

dank as fuck bruh

Marilyn Snider says:

Please go back to the old format.  I can't write down the recipe fast enough, and I need to hear how they're made.

Nn Nany says:

lasagna pieces ?
u mean cannelloni u can stuff it its name is Cannelloni
yes yummmee

legion999 says:

Looks like an interesting idea

cool name goes here says:

tbh it doesn't look like it would taste good. 😬😕

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