Appetizer Recipes – How to Make Filipino Lumpia

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Get the top-rated recipe for Filipino Lumpia at In this video you’ll see how to make delicious Fil…

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KissaliciousXXX says:

Thumbnail looked as if your doing coke lol

Vanessa Concepcion says:

Seriously? Cilantro?

axux xu says:

it has chinese decent (roots) but purely filipino, i think it’s the first
time i’ve heard allrecipies do a filipino dish. i’m of pure chinese decent
but 100% filipino at heart so this dish is truly familiar to me. locally we
call that, lumpia-ng shanghai ‘coz there are a lot of varieties of lumpia
(lun-pia). i’m so happy that finally a filipino dish is featured on this

Melody Daet says:

YUMMY! Proud to be a Filipino

Melinda Lim says:

The filling should not be cook after mixing all the ingredients and wrapped
thats the time u will cook it, also it has cheese and pickles how it cooked
in this video is not the filipino way

RagingBubuli says:

I personally prefer sweet pepper over cilantro.

wybiecat says:

Thanks Allrecipes. Its the same like we always do. Except the cabbage. But
we’ll definitely add it next time! im filipino and thanks a lot for sharing
this. ☺

Elissa Celino says:

My inlaws are Filipino and never added cabbage or cilantro to our lumpia my
mother in law used to make it with ground beef garlic peas carrots onions
and raisins and I don’t know the name of the white vegetable she used salt
pepper and soy sauce and that is the way I make it absolutely delicious 

Honey Bunnies says:

i am so glad you guys made a Filipino dish <3 My father is from Cebu and he
loves these

racamonisalad says:

When lumpia is actually a chinese dish……

Neil Francisco says:

Hi i already had request here and you grant that reques to me the pizza
roll one i request that one, and u did..

I’m filipino, i like your version of making lumpia..,
When i cooked our lumpia and my mom make lumpia.. We dont actualy stir fry
them, whe just mix the small diced carrot, onion, garlic or spring onion..
And wrap them thats it.. . But i love your version.. i like ur version..
really like it

myang ace says:

I`m a Filipino. I love this video. thanks for recipe. God bless :) 

Kirsten Yutuc says:

hate how this is not traditional . 

Crisostomo Ibarra says:

This is exactly how i cook lumpia for my girlfriend

MaiVue Chang-Yang says:

What’s wrong with cilantro ?? Cilantro is good with everything . I use it
for everything including green onion . It has such a beautiful smell and
taste to it .

Benny Gabito says:

Thanks a lot
For featuring filipino dish!
Keep it up!

Jadelin Romain says:

Ohhkay I see what you’re doing. This is lumpiang gulay (fried vegetable
spring roll) with ground meat. Most of the people in the comments section
are correcting it because they think the video is for lumpiang shanghai
where you mix the meat with egg and other ingredients, then wrap, and fry.

Kharren Javellana says:

No cilantro. Not with lumpia

Kim Hee Sun says:

Shared on Google+ how to roll a joint

vidaddict101 says:

An easier and faster way to do this is to just mix all the ingredients
(pork and the vegetables) while it is still uncooked, wrap them in the
wrapper and then deep fry it. It will make for an even juicier filling as
well as saving a few minutes of your time (trust me, i’m filipino)

strokeofirish1 says:

Oh I’am sorry I thought this was a how to roll a joint video,my mistake.

RoNNiELoVesThee says:


Cat Crazy says:


chibi Oanh says:

Same “chả cuốn” of Vietnam

89990000 says:

I’m Filipino and I love this version of lumpia. :)

jeanice montana says:

make indonesian lumpia

Maria Mendeja says:

Filipinos do not add cabbage to a “lumpiang shanghai”

Sophia Cassandra says:

we kapampangan (we’re filipino from pampanga luzon part of philippines) we
cook it so differently we put all together the indregents 1st pork veggies
salt pepper and 1 egg we mix it and then put at the lumpia rapper dn fry it
to very low heat so that the meat inside will cooked and sometimes we
adding eden must try adding cheese ul love it

RuizuNeph666 says:

Traditionally we don’t sauté the meat first, we wrap it raw with the lumpia
wrapper, then deep fry it after.. That makes the meat inside whole, not
like this, grainy bits of meat..

lei lubo says:

Hi filipina here and kapampangan too.
There is a much simplier version and I think how us pinoys usually cook
We combine (basic ingredients) in a bowl ground pork and beef (uncooked),
(all vegebles are chopped finely) kinchay or parsely, carrots, onion, salt,
pepper, pinch of sugar and egg. Then wrap it and deep fry it but making
sure the filling is all cooked thru medium heat until golden brown. 

chrizbogz says:

A very good variation: you can omit the cilantro and cabbage instead use
chopped red bell peppers and finely chopped celery leaves. A better way to
make it more flavorful is to marinate the ground meat with the rest of the
ingredients, leave it for at least 3 hours in the fridge, let it sit on
room temp for about 30 min, wrap it afterwards. You can even freeze it if
you need it later, but don’t let it get too much thawed or it will be hard
to handle, it tends to get slimy.

Crisostomo Ibarra says:

Thank you for making filipino dish :)

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