Appetizer Recipes – How to Make Pot Stickers

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Get the top-rated recipe for Pot Stickers at Watch how to make traditional Chinese d…

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Kiki Yang says:

Im vegan so I substitute the ground meats to mock duck instead.. Its very

michelle broderick says:

Yum I love my pot stickers:)

gsooo1 says:

V.very nice recipe, ,with lot of variations, as for the vegetarians too .
It’s a nice twist to steamed version.Will the seasoning remain the same
with the veggies?
Also u could have shown it with homemade wrappers.&
“Happy New Year” to all of u guys who do a wonderful job throughout the
year. Thanks

Tini BlackBerri says:

OMg I loooove potstickers hmmm

kokoro nagomu says:

this is a great idea… i get a vegan version at trader joes but i bet i
could make these vegan, just with vegetables and a binder like ground flax
and water or a bit of ground tofu (and a bit more seasoning)

Noor Reen says:

I don’t like shrimp lol

hightops805 says:

Can you substitute the shrip to anything else 

Yer Yang says:

These are fantastic!

Mallory Chase says:

can you bake these or just fry them?

Lisa Tran says:

Use egg yolk instead of water for the selling

Eva Huang says:

I’m just saying but thats not how u make it traditionally. After doing it
this way, I suggest people to Google how to properly make chinese
dumplings. It is quite different and there are many different ways to make
one. The traditional one will actually be able to sit upright on its
filling no laid down. It is also not suppose to be stir fried but we can
all agree that it tastes better when it is.

LittleStar says:

What can i replace the shrimp with ?? I don’t eat it !!

Joi Cheu says:

You should use less oil if using a nonstick pan. A great tip is to use
sesame oil instead of vegetable oil. 

Tameka P says:

steaming them is better

Leila Golriz says:

First comment!

ArtistGirl Reviews says:

What can you use other than shrimp? 

Dominique Earle says:

Excellent video, I will be trying this asap, I think I might try it with
some ground chicken and shrimp.

aynjhade atmosfera says:

The one who submited this is my name

juniorny07 says:

Can I use wonton wrap to make this

emilia gutierrez says:

Great recipe! But what are the wrappers made of? Can I make them myself?
How? Thanks :) 

lllmvl says:

Not how it’s made traditionally.

DesignerHala says:

The music is too hyper for this video

Dalanda Jalloh says:

If you wanted to make it with chicken is it the same amount as the beef?
Please respond. Thank you

crystallimyenni says:

Instead of using soy sauce dipping, used black vinegar with minced garlic,
it taste even better

mrsli888 says:

we Chinese call it 煎餃.

RagingBubuli says:

Im allergic to shrimp :(

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