Arroz Con Pollo – Mexican Chicken And Rice Casserole by Rockin Robin

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Brad W says:

Ok! I’ll use more broth next time. There were only little areas with
undercooked rice. But the flavor was awesome. Thanks again. You’re an
amazing cook. :)

Brad W says:

Well I finally made your dish. It was wonderful! The only problem I had was
the rice was undercooked. Not too bad. You could still eat it. And I forgot
to put the peas in. How can I make sure the rice cooks next time? Leave it
in the oven longer? More chicken broth?

Anyways, it still tasted great and thank you so much for sharing. :)

Sandra Knecht says:

I did it. I made the recipe. We all LOVED it. My rice was oft while some
was still crunchy. I’ll try more liquid or less rice the next time. Great
recipe, Robin, thanks.

izzystars546 says:

Wow I tried this at home and it tastes delicious! Thank you for sharing
your recipe! =)

claudia lopez says:

what kind of rice do you use? can i use a normal rice?

Sandra Knecht says:

Looks yummy, Robin. I going to the store for the rest of the ingredients
and try this tonight. Thank you for the great videos and food recipes.

cathie b says:

can use use rotel tomatoes instead of the puree ??

ssam619 says:

Thanks Robin. Simple and looks delish..

sweetp1015 says:

Thx, I added a little more ck broth cooked another 20 mins. And that worked.

Rockin Robin's Cooking Mexican Recipes says:

Hi Mary, no I don’t usually roast my own chiles. Guess I’m a bit lazy! I
have done it but usually I don’t. Thanks for your kind compliment. I’m glad
you are enjoying my channel. Thanks for commenting

mary cook says:

Robin this dish looks amazing. Please please please tell me that when YOU
actually make this at home that you roast your own fresh chiles instead of
using those tasteless canned chiles! I love your channel and the easy way
you have of explaining your recipes.

Rockin Robin's Cooking Mexican Recipes says:

You are welcome ssame. Thanks for stopping by!

sweetp1015 says:

I am really disapointed with this dish. I made it to recipe. But my rice is
still crunchy and the chicken is under done. will cooking it longer finish
cooking the rice? So sad when I serverd it that it isnt good. I put a lot
of time and effort into making this. I’ve made other things you have on
youtube and they were great.

Rockin Robin's Cooking Mexican Recipes says:

Hi Heavenly, Thanks! Hope you try this.

heavenly8173 says:

It looks soooooooooooooooooooo yummy I love every video of you I have
watched GOD bless you.

sbenard1 says:

Watching this video and recipe made me soooo hungry, I had to go eat a
Second Breakfast. You’ve transformed me into a Hobbit! Half my recipe book
now comes from your website and Youtube channel.

Fernando Lopez says:

this is a very unusual way of cooking Arroz con Pollo to me. I just have to
try it. Never thought about adding cheese in this recipe. I make m own with
old fowl an it always comes out goodl

Rockin Robin's Cooking Mexican Recipes says:

Seal the foil back up around this dish and cook longer. Yes it wil cook the
rice and the chicken. Sometimes oven temperatures vary. I would go an
additional 10 minutes and check it again. Keep checking in 10 minute
increments until it’s cooked through. Hope that helps.

crunchy124816 says:


Rockin Robin's Cooking Mexican Recipes says:

Glad to hear it worked out. I’d hate for you to be disappointed. It really
is a good dish.

MrsCarter306 says:

i am making this today for supper! lastnight i went & picked up all the
ingredients! im so excited to make this, wish me luck robin! gracias!

Rockin Robin's Cooking Mexican Recipes says:

Way to go MrsCarter! You will do well. Not to worry! Enjoy your meal!

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