Authentic Chinese Recipes: Episode 1 Dan Dan Noodles

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Wok With Nana Episode 1: Dan Dan Noodles Nana takes a break from the summer heat of Hong Kong to make some dan dan noodles for lunch – just the way her aunti…

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altpapapi says:

Too much wind noise. Can’t hear the directions.

SuperCaptainCool says:

hey did you notice the peppers were burned… good recipe though!

MoshTheBull says:

she is so hot… wow.

DJ4geodeath says:

she is gorgeous ^.^ a thx

kizzmario says:

wow, it looks so delicious~ wanna try it myself at home too!! keep it up~
can’t wait for the next episode~~ :)

newbie3 says:

need a better mic to cut down on wind noise. looking forward to see the 2nd

Alex C says:

I’m sure is a good recipe but is too bad the background noise is so
annoying…! Hope next time you take a little more care …!

Hugo Harada says:

Send some to Brazil!!!

Severian Wintermute says:

yeah, i have never seen that either. Isn’t it supposed to be ground pork?
Meh. Whatever, ground pork is easier to find here anyway.

NoobToober85 says:


Jinseo Lim says:

u can also call it Szechuan pepper (sorry if i got the spelling incorrect)

Ville Välimäki says:

is that a kai shun knife @ 2:46 ?

Julie Cheung says:

great video, hard to hear though

tq01iqi says:

what a gorgeous girl!

Scott Freeman says:

Good video, very informative.

mellokeith says:

I like it as a soup, as I had it in a small Hong Kong restaurant; would I
just add some broth? You’re in Hong Kong, right? We have friends that work
in the Gold building, which I think your balcony is over the same plaza,
right? Thank you for showing us all how to make Dan Dan Mien.

lvs777 says:

Half of the time I cant make out what you are saying ..

William Johnson says:

They’re called pointing to the sky peppers because they grow upwards! The
peppers grow pointing towards the sky, which is how they get their name!

QueenOfHeads says:

What is the chinese name of the peppers? All I heard was ji tian jiao--but
I'm not sure if I heard it right.

Mahn Toh says:

Wonderful project! Hope to see Cha Xiu Bao in upcoming webispodes too :-)

jacksonbigdog2 says:

aren’t you from Taiwan?

ZaiChina2010 says:

I was on my way to Chengdu when this video was posted! Oh how time flies!

illiniwu says:

it’d be helpful if you described the ingredients more, even hold the
product up to the camera. i’m hoping to make this recipe!

jacksonbigdog2 says:

beautiful apartment, that must be really expensive. I have never seen dan
dan made with beef, or without an egg those small peppers were not “facing
heaven”. Facing heaven are short and stubby, not thin

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