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Hi my name is Stacey mum to Reika 11 and my 2 year old son Jacob who has been diagnosed with Autism Sept 2016. In this video I speak about why I decided to change Jacob’s diet to a gluten free casein free diet to help with his digestive system and how it has improved his behaviour. I am not here to tell you to do the same, this is just my experience with Jacob and all the thing’s I’ve done. This video has also been very highly requested. Sorry for the lack of picture quality the camera was on the wrong setting. Hope this help’s you. Stacey xx

Books mentioned
Brain maker –
Getting your child on a gluten free and casein free diet –

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Hey! I’m Stacey, Welcome to my YouTube channel.

I’m a mum of two – a girl called Reika-Asia who is 11 and a boy called Jacob who is 2.

Let’s just say my life has been ‘different’ and it’s fair to say there were more down’s then up’s. I was also a single teenage mamma for a while. I am now married to the love of my life and we raise our wonderful family together.

Jacob has just been diagnosed with Autism after I saw red flags. I have many video’s highlighting our journey.


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faith lawes says:

Wow I have ASD and have chronic & very severe constipation as well as chronic tonsillitis + other infections! This gives me so much hope! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜

love Forever fashion says:

Yeah when I became a vegan I felt better. Like I make my own juice and that but still getting use to no bread ๐Ÿž like staying away from all flours or added also sugar . My autism is a myth now but only if I stay away from unhealthy foods

Jazwinskull says:

Consider Hemp derived CBD Oil in addition to diet. It has been my little miricale for my son.

Stefka Lanyon says:

Milk has always been our doom๐Ÿ˜ฑthank you so much for sharing this!

BroToPro says:

get rid of all the metals and detox using chlorella as this will eventually remove the metals from the brain. i have aspergers and know what cures it but you cant reverse any severe brain damage that causes scarring. don't eat gluten, dairy, corn, soya, sugar, and yeast as they cause leaky bowel as we are all partially intolerant to this foul food.

Kuyu Betty says:

what food is no gluten and no dairy;help me please

SRose .fournillier says:

Your videos are helping me so much. I went cold turkey on my noy 2 weeks ago. He was actually more clingy and loving. Had more energy n more curious of other toys besides his cars. I sent him by my mom for 2 days n she din agree with my diet, she fed him as she pleased. He just got upset real quickly and was tired the day afterwards. He came back home and dont like my f ood again.

Kayem Music says:

you so gorgeous.

Amanda ODonnell says:

Hi can you give us an update on jacobs diet and what foods you buy in, im looking into changing my boys diet first were starting the dairy free which he doesnt eat much of anyway but im thinking about cutting out gluten but looking for some inspo xx

Mg Goh says:

I have aspergers / high functioning autism – so I might try to go on a gluten and dairy free diet. Very informative video.

msdramaqueen143 says:

Omg I took my son off dairy and gluten and what a change I think he has more of a dairy problem … glad to know that others experiences the same changes once he was off dairy !!! Thank you for the video!!

david yates says:

As parents we must start filming them giving our kids vaccines. At
some point they'll damage a child live on camera and it'll put an end to all
vaccinations. "Please start filming" Please read my ebook
"VaxXed and VexXed and get immune wised…
Written in beautiful poetic easy read rhyme so all ages can understand the
vaccine truth…

Tiffany Giarratano says:

Could you do an update on how the GFCF diet is doing for Jacob? Maybe some tips, what GFCF foods he has been liking? I just recently switched my son to GFCF and so far he will only eat a few things bc he was never really a good eater to begin with. It's been challenging but I keep reminding myself of the benefits. Love your videos!!

Take care!

Razza Crispe says:

Hi Stacey, Do you have an email address I can email you at?

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