Award Winning Chili !

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Gary has won his share of Chili Cookoffs, so this is worth the watch! Even if you have your favorite chili recipe, check this out for a few tips you may not be familiar with. Great cold weather or anytime recipe!


3 lbs ground beef, drained
1/2 cup red wine vinegar

One Large Bell Pepper finely diced
One Onion finely diced. Both sautéed until soft, Salting vegetables

1 30 oz. can Chili Beans

2 Cans diced tomatoes

1 can drained Kidney Beans

About 32 oz. Tomato Juice

Carroll Shelby Chili Kit (contains chili pepper, cumin and other spices)

Combine, ENJOY!

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Cal Escapee says:

Six Gun Chili mix is good also.

Brian McCloskey says:

Can I use regular vinegar because there's no red wine vinegar

Neo Anderson says:

Did you cook it for 3 hours, then add the seasoning and wine vinegar, and then 5 more?

Bennie Castellano says:

Sometimes you don't have to put together all the most elite ingredients, the rude comments need to try this. If you legit don't like it then hey. But until you try it and taste it, then stfu.

Samantha Miller says:

Looks n sounds so tempting to try, so I will try it.

JC's Haven says:

so yummy, award winning

Runtwer says:

Not sure what chili cook offs you've been in but all the ones I've seen don't let you use pre packaged seasoning. Easy disqualification

ray davis says:

Made this chili today. Simple to make but not very much flavor. I don't consider this a negative comment because I actually took the time to make it. I didn't alter anything. I live in the south and I think Wendy's has a richer flavor than this. This may be a perfect recipe your looking for a milder flavor. We just make it a little richer in flavor from my area. Thanks for the video. It was certainly worth a try. This is a great recipe if you live in Europe I often visit ukraine and their spice tolerance is very low.

Miguel LEAL says:

Do I add the chili kit and vinegar after I cook it for 3 hours and then cook it for 4 hours?

Jerry H says:

I like trying different recipes when making chili, I thought I’d give this a try and my taste buds verdict ( Taste shitty ) !!

john rainford says:

Give the guy a break ffs. 🙄

evenstevenfam says:

I’m making this tonight for Father’s Day. My dads favorite meal is chili. I’ve never used tomato juice can’t wait to try this! Thank you. Hi from a fellow Orange County girl!

Ronald Brightman says:

I didn’t know you were allowed to use pre packaged spices for competition. Isn’t that almost cheating? Lol

Shirley Coley says:

Thank you! Looks so delicious 😋 gonna try it as Soon as possible! Have a good day 👍

Ryan Hanselman says:

Looks good. The only question i have… Where's the garlic?!

Old and Decrepit says:

People around me get an award a few hours after I eat Chili….💩

edmund blackadder coc says:

Award winning rice, opens box of uncle bens

Mark Brewster says:

I don't do spice mixes, I have a list. Overall, yours is close to mine.

I couldn't care less about a chili cook-off.

There's a small tradition here in town; every Jan 1st, the local cycling club puts out an open invite to anybody who wants to join them on a casual 15- or 25- mile ride, where we'll see the Polar Bear club dunk themselves, pedal a route on the north side, and end up back at the public park a couple hours later…to be greeted by a chili smorgasbord! A dozen or more different kinds of chili! It hits the spot when you just pedaled through 20 degrees F.

My old body won't take that any more…I miss it.

Dave Tuscano says:

Looks good. But, go in a meat shop, have the guy grind a steak, and use that.

Lee Doss says:

You didn't win any awards at any sanctioned chili cook off in Texas.
Total bull shit California garbage.

jackie h says:

Thank you!

Jubenal Leon says:

looks great

Dan Chisholm says:

anyone actually make this? I am today.. I have a ton of chilli recipes etc. Not a single award except my family scarfing it up. I may modify a bit based off our taste preference

Steven Bruce says:

I have been making chilli the wrong way all of my life. This is a fantastic method, I used to add the spices at the start …. so wrong. Make the base stew if you call it that first then add spices just like in this video and let it cook out. I used some apple cider vinegar, its all I had. Bit of beef stock too, Well done, love the recipe.

dsllim55 says:

I’m making this right now
It’s cooking

steven carroll says:

Tried the chili recipe with just 2 deviations i added 3 chopped jalapenos and simmered a couple hours friday, and a couply more saturday then a couple today when we ate it. Very good thank you for the recipe.

Don Pomeroy says:

l will pass

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