Baby Bop Cajun meat sauce over Spaghetti

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Using Dei Fratelli Pasta sauce for a quick Kid approved meal.

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Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

Using Dei Fratelli Pasta sauce for a quick Kid approved meal 

Ballistic BBQ says:

I’d make a sandwich out of the spaghetti! Everything looks great and your
little Baby Bop is a cutie pie!

D. J. Tanner says:

Looks real good J.B. Thanks for sharing boy! 

TheWolfePit says:

She’s a cutie JB!

Chevy Brown says:

Baby Bop is cute! Love your fam JB! Will try that recipe! 

Linda's Pantry says:

Shes a cutie pie!

No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

Every time I see one of your videos, I remember how thankful I am for your
advice on that wsm. I’ve used it all kinda ways but your immediate advice
was invaluable..Keep doing what you do. I dig it

Willows Garden says:

She is adorable JB, food looks delicious too!

Anonymoose says:

Ha! She was up to her ears in spaghetti, and not at all pleased to be
called Baby Bop. LOL

TitoJorge says:

Thumbs up!

FitAnge S says:

She is adorable! 

martin blouin says:

hey boy! i made my first ribs of the season using your rub recipe today! is
it sunny now in Louisiana? man we got all your rain almost a week non stop!
but the ribs still came out pretty good!

sonothesouth says:

Congrats Grandpa,
What a beautiful little girl; I smiled all the way through the video as
soon as I saw her!!! I bet she can make you do anything she wants!!
She’ll never have to worry about going hungry with you around!!!

Gustavo Caballero says:

she enjoy a cajun meal!

kkimberly2004 says:

Lol She is just too cute! lol I want to give her a lil peck right on the
forehead! lol

Valdi cygars and razors says:

Hey boy. Lovely granddaughter JB. I have two grandkids as well a boy and a

blessedmommyd says:

love baby bop’s curly hair!

AeroDoe says:

Merciful heavens! Baby Bop is *ADORABLE!* ‘Specially with pasketti-face! 

hpd77 says:

Mr jb u startn kiddos up right

joed596 says:

Cute kid :-)

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