Banana Bread Toast | Easy Breakfast Treat

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This delicious banana sweet snack is made with ingredients which are commonly available in our kitchen. Ripe plantain/banana and bread are the main ingredients for making this sweet treat.

SUGAR is optional in all steps and can be replaced with honey to make this healthier.

Ripe plantain recipes and bread recipes are always kids favorite. Isn’t it? Like banana fritters, French toast, bread rolls etc. So here is a lovely twist to these snacks. This banana bread toast or sweet bread rolls is one of the best snack box recipes for school going kids. As it is prepared with simple ingredients this has got to be the easiest snack recipe and it never fails.

So here is the recipe showing how to make easy bread snack/ sweet snack recipes/ banana bread toast/ french toast/ yummy snack box/ kids recipes. This is also one of the easiest snacks which can be prepared for the school going kids and it is also one of the easiest iftar / Ramadan snack recipes.

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marsha davis says:

So,i just tried this a few minutes ago and my family absolutely loved it.My neighbors smell it while it was being prepared and they are eating their toast and enjoying it.😃Thank you very much for your recipe.

Lori Mendenhall says:

Wow thanknyou make me some bana bread toast god bless you

Sadaf TV says:

I neeed to stoppppp watching these videos someone stop me

Karuna Karan says:

Everyday morning I prepare and feed my wife 🍌 banana bed breakfast she loves it😋

Foods & Crafts says:

Wow…amazing.. 👌👌

hans penalosa says:

I try it ehhehehe my mam.said yummy…pls help visit my small.home thanks

Ovo Falante says:

If you dont like or can't eat too much sugar, just don't put it. This recipe is good with or without the sugar. Idk why people are complaining about it.

Neide Silva says:

Aqui Brasil, idioma português.

Então legenda gente .

Como vcs querem que apreciemos vossas receitas ? No caso eu ,brasileira , estado de Pernambuco, região,nordeste.

Agradeço, desde já a compreensão.

Ely Suarez says:

eso es una bomba

Kath Brown says:

Mmm, deffo gunner try some of these recipes 😀

bean soup says:

Way too much work I’ll skip it

Ivan Grozny says:

Ha faltado un poco de azúcar para convertirlo en un desayuno más sano y nutritivo

amysdaddy1 says:

We have different definition about EASY

Rikki Neco says:

I made this but messed it my mum told me off and I'm banned from the kitchen:(

Zara Ban says:

👉Zara Ban 👍🙏

sexyme320 says:

Is ghee oil?

paula x says:

Too much sugar tho

Beautiful Memories with Dr Deepti Phansopkar says:

very nice receipe i will surely try this for breakfast.

muskan Zahra says:

Egg ki smell to nhi aaygi

Jo Jo Hsieh says:

I love banana I will try this receipe and take a video too, try new staff is my favort

David Morris says:

Pour some cream over that. Even used cook apple as a substitute for banana

MARI DICAS E RECEITAS says: somos do Brasil estamos começando agora

loriline timpac says:

I've tried this and it"s good though i used brown sugar..good for snack and's a unique way to cook banana..maybe you can also try saba with's also good you can try to go to this link

Food Cravings and More with Elcee says:

hello.. will try this soon.. thanks for the video 😊😊 Hi guys!! New Youtuber here! please visit my channel. godbless .. and stay safe everyone!!

Angels Dark says:

I made this recipe this morning for my mother, it was too good with hazelnut spread and butter instead of oil. 😋Thanks💖

Tony Duran says:

Looks delicious, but it's annoying to hide the reveal of the finished product under thumbnails of your other videos.

Mimosa Chan says:

The music is HORRIBLE.

Johanna Romanova says:

Или просто захомячить банан с хлебом

Sheela Ganesh says:

Hi!! I absolutely loved ur recipe😍 However if I needed a substitute for egg, what could i use?

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