Banana NICEcream :100% dairy free!

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This is a banana whip made with 100% bananas. No pus/dairy. Free of uric acid, pathogenic bacteria, addictive casomorphins, adrenaline, cholesterol, saturated animal fat/ass fat and refined sugar. My website and book: My fanpage My facebook profile: My Blog: My store

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talksolot says:

is Meghan using a Green Star?

CravingEmi says:

the male voice behind the camera is so annoying.

Mieke Gebruers says:

I’m definitely going to try that one!!!

nswardson says:

I love Megan Elizabeth!

TrollingDr says:

i feel like your channel is porn… just saying

thinspireme2prfctn says:

It’s Yonana and it is pretty small and they sell them at bed bath and beyond!

thinspireme2prfctn says:

You need a yonana it is at home machine sorta like the one the other girl used! I live in the us but I bet you could order one!

Karl Von Boldt says:

I tried this out and I have to tell you, I love it!!! I eat this all the time. It’s easy to eat 20 or 30 bananas a day. Excellent recommendation! Thank you.

shaggar70 says:

What’s the machine used at the start of the vid?

weheartcupcakes says:

So is this going to make you gain weight or not? :( i am scared

hazyfiasco says:

I used to blend up banana milkshakes back when I drank ass pus, and occasionally used to throw them into whey protein shakes, but have been eating them the old fashioned way since I went raw vegan. Well, this video just convinced me that I need banana ice cream! I saw someone mention a “Yonana” machine in the comments below, so I will get one. I hope it makes my bananas soft and creamy. Not like my banana when I see you, Freelea, you sexy monkey girl. 😉

lifehappens352 says:

haha i eat an average of 20 bananas a day. I have heard all the nonsense. I am full of energy and actually in the bathroom everything happens with out any issue now as before going vegan I eventually had bathroom troubles daily along with other health problems.

Sarah-Joy Wickes says:

What’s the technical name for the machine used at the start?

LluviaEnDesierto3 says:

I begun a HCRV lifestyle this summer,although I´ve always eaten and loved fruit. Last winter, in my first months as a raw-vegan (altough not 100% raw), I ate many sprouts, legumes, including lots of fresh juices from carrots, beet,celery,green leafs,apples, some cooked vegetables…and of course, too many avocados,seeds and nuts. This winter will be different and I´ll surely feel the difference.because fruits are going to be on the first place in my diet:)

LluviaEnDesierto3 says:

I think it´s all about making local products to be most of the food you consume and eating them in their season. For example, I ate tons of cherries in May & June, then peaches, I stuffed myself with watermelons in August and I´ve had a lot of grapes and apples since September:) I live on a house and we have a little garden and some fruit trees, which is great. In winter,regarding fruits, I usually eat a lot of bananas,mangos,persimmon, some dried fruit (like dates), oranges, tangerins etc

LluviaEnDesierto3 says:

You´re welcome:) It´s not that hard to be a raw vegan in here or even to live on fruit, although it´s certainly more expensive than eating a “normal”diet. You can find almost anything in supermarkets, even in winter, but lots of the fruits have no taste. Organic food is unaffordable for most people.Still, we have plenty of fruits and vegetables during spring, summer and autumn For those who have a garden in the country side is far more easy to eat natural food.

oo7splanet says:

thank u 4 responding…interesting and im still curious 2 learn more as i am trying to get a better idea of how the rest of the world lives in regards to food. im in New Jersey. anyways, so what is the overall fruit situation their in Romania i imagine not that great but generally how expensive and how abundant are common fruits?

LluviaEnDesierto3 says:

Romania :)

oo7splanet says:

u really need fresh dates what country do u live in ?

oo7splanet says:

without the ass fat or the cow fat…LMFAO

spacetraveller2521 says:

I would mix some strawberries or raspberries with that, yuuuuuum!

LluviaEnDesierto3 says:

Hi there:) I have a question for you. Do you use fresh dates in your recipes? The only thing I can find here in my country are dried dates :(. Is is ok to use them?

DnDxangel says:

Um you should use a blender or food processor it will be more like icecream rather than soft serve

awesomebookreviews byME says:

This looks soo nice! I am allergic 2 dairy and I just get so happy when I c something I can have:) I like going to coffe shops now as the do soya milk and this looks real good is it good cos I might try something like this

coolagent000 says:

champion juicer!

027Erik says:

I came here so fast because I saw ice cream!! :) Especially for a raw diet

StudioBex says:

just got my masticating juicer in the mail today (!!!!!) and broke it in this evening with some friends! woo hoooo! this video inspired me to invest in one, and yeah everybody LOVED the banana whip.. SO SO SO SO SO good! thank you!!!

ronnie hudson says:

What is the first machine called?

cryforthemoon says:

i made this in my vitamix. maybe i ate too much because i ate this at 8 and it’s 1 am and…. my burps taste like bananas :O …is it good to eat this if it seems to digest slowly? i didn’t eat a few hours before i had it and when i did it was veggies so not like it was something that was slow digesting.

AudieOz101 says:

omg I really want to try the banana ice cream in the beginning it looked amazing!!!

Derek-Jojen Cummings says:

ive done this all u really need is frozen bananas and just run the blender and shake it, run it, shake it, until its blended..i usually add a mango to it.

Lauren Hirsch says:

my raw older sister made this for me and I love it! Wich is funny because I don’t like bananas at all 😛 I love to make this for my breakfast and add cinnamon, vanilla extract, and sometimes blue berries if I have some on hand c:

Blair Aokigahara says:

looks so good, too bad I can’t stand the taste or smell of bananas

Hailee Young says:

is that an ice cream maker….what was she using? not the vitamix the other things

BlackZapote says:

Oh man, and I just spoiled myself with a Tofutti ice cream cone. That looks yummy!

ParkLeeNa says:

Wow, you mean.

spoechhacker says:

Hmm maybe if you didn’t add the water and left it in the food processor longer I bet it would have been more whipped up

DrRubenski says:

hey so if you’er vegan can you still smoke pot? with the muchies and lazyness that go with weed? is it a toxin?

CantWeedThis says:

Looks like an albino turd. I want some

rawbarbie says:

you can food process the frozen bananas too and get the same results

nickorization says:

I recommend freezing some strawberries and adding them into the mix!!

informationwarfare says:

im sure if the tv says it people will believe

mspoetic247 says:

Is the other girls machine like a yonana…I think its called. Thank u 4all ur vids. I love them.

JulietBM says:

What is the machine that the other girl is using? :)

dvorakfan1 says:

yes, it is delicious, and try using other frozen fruits also.

thatfruitarianchick says:

thanks. does it taste good that way?

dvorakfan1 says:

no, it has to be a slow turn juicer. but it is alright, because you can easily make it with a food processor, that’s how I make it, and it works great, you just have to make it in smaller batches.

thatfruitarianchick says:

do you think it can be made with any juicer?

dvorakfan1 says:

it’s a juicer.

napoli424 says:

what kind of machine is the woman using in the beginning of the video? is it the same kind of machine people use to stuff meat through to make spirals like ground beef?

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