Beef Quesa Birria de res tacos

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How to make em with beef consomme`

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korndog725 says:

A YUM!! Been a while since I’ve tuned into your videos. A great watch, as per usual! Thanks for sharing

James Sharles says:

Is Florida apart of the south culturally?

ed crouse says:

Looks amazing Drummer brother!! Hope all is well!!

Stephen Sano says:

That chili twister was awesome!

kewiser k says:

Did you forget the introduction? HEY BOYS HEY

D Flenn says:

Hey JB, the FDA and CDC does NOT recommend washing/rinsing meat any more. Love the videos though

Sancia Ary says:

You should definitely add this recipe to Khal,com. I am 100% positive it will get featured on the front page

Hans Berger says:

Goood tacos! How do you rate the companys product "Adam cajun seasoning"can you recommend that? Thanks for your assessment…

BrianTheBull says:

Hey boys hey girls!! JB!!!! Glad you're back at!!

SK's CRAPPIE Catchn Adventures says:

YUMMMM…… I'll be giving this a try….. Looks Tasty…….

flipr7 says:

Great to see ya back!

Tipping Toast Media says:

Is that the cutting board I made for ya?

Tipping Toast Media says:

Hey boy!!! Great to see more vids my friend!!!!!

Colter Ellis says:

I say I say boy, why so serious? That’s non-union! Don’t ever change JB!

Thomas Brown says:

These look great JB. I’m going to make these. Good job.

Andrew Rose says:

Hey JB you lost a few pounds and looking lean n mean gangsta !

Davis Moore says:

Since you quit sippin pops. Your videos suck.

Air Fryer Recipes with Booger500us says:


Jess says:

Love your channel!!

Scott Pratka says:

Hey Boy, your the only person in America that during this dam pandemic actually lost weight? Been watching your videos and copying your recipes for years, haven't been steered wrong yet.

Charles Banks Jr says:

Heyyyy Mr JB! Virginia checkin in,, YUM.. got a request… a good fish recipe,, channel cat , maybe cod or haddock …. thanks

captaincrunch72 says:

glad you're back to making your old school type videos.. ALWAYS use the mexican recipe..

Adam S says:

Good to have you back JB!

Nole5233 says:

Man I missed Ol' Jbs vids. Keep em' coming!!!!

Michael Belle says:

Nice to see you. It's been a while

Charlotte Kottwitz says:

nice video!!!

JoeHell67 says:

Amazing! I love Tacos, life is good…

Joe from Germany

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