Beef Recipes – How to Make Salisbury Steak With Mushrooms

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Get the tasty recipe for Salisbury Steak with Mushrooms at:

Watch how to make a homemade version of a classic TV dinner. Simple seasoned beef patties are seared, then mushrooms and onions are sauteed; finally a quick pan sauce is made to finish off this delicious quick meal.

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Gjyste Bici says:

Is the time for me Thank you !

L.E Gaming says:

Mmmm…. All this cooking makes my tummy roar!

AnonDCX says:

All you vegans can leave. We don't go on your page to cry about all the millions of vegetations you slaughter every year, leaving animals with nothing to eat. >:)

George Waggmore says:

Can't wait to try this. Love salisbury steak! Thank you!

Joanna F. says:

wooo ill do this with ground chicken

Gummy Bear says:

add 1tbs soft green pepper corns they pop when u bite them

Gummy Bear says:

im glad you brought the narration back

Heghineh Cooking Show says:

Wish it looked a bit more appetizing , no doubt it tastes amazing

Kajira oni. says:

wow, looks like someone has taken your videos and is passing them off as theirs. I'm unable to link the channel so search Andi.Syamsudin3

EyeTube says:

A white woman with a big ass is where its all at.

Cannabisaurus Rex says:

This recipe really reminds me of my childhood. This was one of my favorites that my parents would make once in a while. Thanks for the post!

Violet Vo says:


yutaro5296 says:

Does it have to be "lean" ground beef?

Momoiro Saru says:

I would remove the half cooked patties in order to pre-cook both the onions and mushrooms, it also helps to remove a lot of the water they contain while retaining the taste, just to give them a bit more color and flavor instead of just boiling them in gravy. Then re-add the patties and sauce as indicated, makes a big difference.

Saturday Cooker says:

Can't wait to cook!

GrimKhazi says:

Thanks! Might cook it tonight!

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