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LI CO says:

Made this tonight yesss was a hit with the family everything but the cornpudding I didn’t want to over do it.. thanks for the video I will be staying tuned for more dinner ideas

Kecia Starks says:

Looks so dang good….how do ya make that seasoned rice?

Jerome Benton says:

You are one cool brother and I thank you for all the wonderful recipes!!! During this time of the COVID-19 and being stuck in the house, I have been trying your recipes and others people's recipes every night and my kids and I are loving it and it's fun to cook new things!! The oxtail recipe was tha BOMB mane'!!! My daughter liked it but my son didn't that much. He just not fully countrified yet☺️. Keep up the good work my brother!

The Lady’s man J says:

Why in da hell would u be on a damn pier.. p brain lol

ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ says:

Bro made 10 flavoring gravy not stew
It's so thicc

Tyra No Banks says:

What do you put in your seasoned rice?

Natalie Korneev says:

New Subscriber. Love this recipe! Making it tonight 😊👍🏻

kadesha meaningfulone says:

For such a simple recipe this looks amazing!!!🍽

Jaime Perez says:

You wrong for that Mr Ray💀

T. Naomie J says:

Thank you a man cooking !!!!!!🥰 Now send my plate to Chicago 🥰🤣

linda parker says:

Delicious delicious !

Jan Anthony says:

Excellent video stew looks yummy gonna definitely try this recipe on weekend thanks for sharing

Glamour N Style says:

Man I promise you I’m 22 and it’s been a year since me and my boyfriend have moved in together and I watch all your videos💕 And he loves the food ! Thank you 😊

Travel Gurus says:

Ayee you from North Carolina too !!

Ashley Lewis says:

How do you clean your meat?

TheBigbossjack says:

legalize marijuana now!

victoria brown says:

I am so ready

Arminuar Owens says:

How much stew beef was in this recipe?

gucci Reaves says:

No likes woow y'all crazy he just give us life smh I guess its hard out here for my homie lol❤❤

Nettie Jenkins says:

Keep the flavor coming…. 👍👍👍

Rollin Dub says:

Good stuff bruh

KWU KWU says:

What pier are you on cooking that awesome meal?

Jorge Flores says:

Thank you again ray mack's i love your recipe's, is great's. easy and delicious
Thank you and God bless you!!!!😋😋

JB’s BBQ & Guns says:

Yes sir bro!! This popped up in my community tab so I had to check it out man. You did that mane! I wonder how it would taste with the meat smoked 🤔 hmmmm. I fought through the wind so I could listen lol. Good stuff bro!

Slaying it With Ray says:

I knew I could count on you for this recipe!! Making it tonight.

Nike Air says:

Dang how much seasoning is this dude going too use

Jaime Delatorre says:

Thanks for the recipe ray

Marcus Lee says:

Could I replace the beef onion mix with au gravy?

Ree says:

What kind of meat do you use?

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