Bento Lunch Menu 2 – Japanese Cooking 101

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Bento menu series, part 2! This 1 minute video will show you how to prepare a typical Japanese Bento lunch. It includes Genmai (brown rice), Karaage (fried chicken), potato salad, and green beans with sesame sauce.
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Red Inked Cat says:

I need more of these. Please keep making such videos

Franchesca G González Olivardía says:

Hello! I like your channel.
 I have a question, Do Japaneses usually eat their bento lunch cold? What would happen with vegetables, as lettuce or tomato?

bork says:

Furikake, not frikake

Melddrick Aguilar says:

So helpful for simple bento thank you

Johnny Cearley says:

I made this the other day for work. Was a perfectly balanced meal. Good box recipe!

agnesdeque says:

As we say in my country, MIAM MIAM !!!

Dileny Aybar says:

I want some :p

Parfait Melodie says:

Looks soo delicious!!!
it's possible to make furikake at home?
I tried a lot of times, but it never  get as tasty as the supermarket one C:

Arashikaze074 says:

Very delicious looking bento and with simple ingredients. I'm looking forward to more ideas!

TheSinOfAnima-X says:

YAY! another bento menu! please make more of these videos! <3

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