Best Chocolate Pie Recipe …Seriously

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Baking this chocolate pie recipe at home is a tasty way to impress family and friends! My mom makes a fluffy meringue pie topping, but that’s totally optional, because you can always just top the dessert with whipped cream to make a super simple chocolate cream pie.
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Chocolate Pie Recipe:


Chocolate Filling Ingredients:
1 cup SUGAR
2½ cups MILK
3 EGG yolks (reserve the egg whites for the meringue)
½ tsp SALT

Meringue Ingredients:
2 Tbsp SUGAR
½ cup WATER
then another 4 Tbsp SUGAR

Make your own pie crust from scratch, or to make the recipe super easy, just bake up a pre-made frozen pie crust.
Firstly, bake the crust and have it cooled and ready before beginning to make the chocolate pie filling.

Chocolate Pie Filling:

In a saucepan, add the sugar, cornstarch, salt, and shaved chocolate.
On medium heat, gradually stir milk into the saucepan and continue stirring 15-20 minutes until the chocolate is melted and the mixture thickens and begins to bubble.
Once bubbling, set a timer for 1 minute and stir as the chocolate mixture simmers.
Remove the saucepan from the heat.
Crack 3 eggs and separate the yolks from the whites into separate bowls (set the whites aside to use with the meringue topping).
Temper the egg yolks by slowly spooning 4-5 Tbsp of the heated, thickened chocolate mixture in with the yolks, stirring constantly so as not to cook the eggs.
Once the yolks are tempered stir the egg yolk/chocolate mixture back into the saucepan with the heated filling.
Return the saucepan to the stove and bring the filling back to a simmer, and cook for 1 final minute, stirring all the while.
Remove saucepan from the stove and stir in vanilla and almond extract.
Now pour the chocolate filling into the pre-baked pie shell and set pie aside to cool.

Meringue Topping:

In a small saucepan add 1 Tbsp of cornstarch, 2 Tbsp sugar, and ½ cup water.
Mix the three ingredients well and heat over medium heat, stirring until the mixture thickens and clears slightly from milky to opaque.
Set sauce pan aside in a pan of water to cool.
In a mixing bowl add the egg whites and cream of tartar.
Beat 20-30 seconds until frothy.
Add 2 Tbsp of sugar into the frothy mix and then beat for another 10 seconds.
Add 2 more Tbsp of sugar and continue beating the mixture until it thickens and peaks begin to form.
Now add the cooled, opaque mix of sugar and cornstarch into the meringue and continue to beat.
Beat until nice, stiff peaks form.

Take a spatula and spread the meringue evenly over the cooled chocolate pie filling. Cover the filling completely, overlapping slightly onto the edges of the pie crust.
Lightly chop the top of the meringue to form peaks on top of the pie.
Slide the pie into an oven preheated to 400 degrees F and bake meringue for 10-12 minutes, or until the top of the top of the meringue shows a nice color.
Remove the pie from the oven and allow to cool completely before slicing. This will take several hours!
When cooled, store pie in the refrigerator beneath a pie dome, do not wrap meringue in plastic wrap or foil.

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Chef Buck says:

I've been back home for a week, so I've got a few more Mama Redbuck dishes in the pipeline…hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Just Justin 373 says:

Gangster granny

Just Justin 373 says:

Gangster granny

Liliana Griselda Szachury says:

I love her 😍
And perfect pie 🥧
Thank you 😊

Jeff's Wife Kristie says:

She is so sweet and patient! My Momma and my Memaw would have slapped anyone that hovered over their shoulder barking orders and asking so many questions LOL great video! 😁🌹

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Kyrie Camilla says:

That pie look sooo good

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Pie looked beautiful, and she made it look soooooooo easssssyy

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Question – Can you use unsweetened powdered cocoa? ….Your mom is darling ♥️

Elisa Aponte says:

I made this pie yesterday and when I cut it today it came out runny :( I did everything the video said and I have even made a pie just like this before and it came out perfect but I wanted to use this recipe. Does anyone know what might have gone wrong??

Joyce Greer says:

I never heard of adding that cornstarch mixture to egg whites for meringue, just sugar and cream of tartar. Word you were looking for is translucent. Mama sounds some like granny from "Beverly Hillbillies"…lol.

TheDead KitKat says:

Just made this today! It's great! Haven't eaten it yet, waiting for tomorrow… It looks delicious so far! Thank you for this! So excited 😋🍽️

daniel teegarden says:

more pie Videos please. love mother. she reminds me of my late mother. thank you dan t palm springs calif USA

JAY TV says:

I wish I would have done this with my Grandmother. Lost art. Very different than what mine did…….

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What a sweet lady- and OMG this video is a life saver because I lost my chocolate pie recipe!

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Aww I love this lady.!!! Your mom is awesome!!!

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