Best damn Carnita recipe in the world

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With Fried beans & Spanish rice YUM!
Carnitas Recipe: Watch the Damn Video BOY!

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sicmacbrent says:

Just made these, cant lie! I feel like I know what I am doing! by far the best I have had. bought everything from the mexican meat market here in west sacramento and it all cost 28 dollars, bought 4 lbs of pork. You sir are talented! thank you for sharing!


I love this guy… great recipe! thanks for sharing.. can't wait to make this.. Mmmm.. 😀

Arctic Gummibear says:

what do you do with a drunken sailor…early in the morning?

DIY Cowboy says:

Did he say 2-Tree hours ?

mystryguy423 says:

Best video had me laughing the whole time lmao.. looks great tho!

Phyllis Hinton says:

like the video 🍜 fun to watch the part when the meat juice come down your arm you not phased at all.. lol

atrayu artex says:

lol this was really funny to watch haha loved it. im cooking my own right now but id love to try it cajun style next.

UMBUBA says:

"Better than sex carnitas" Lol!!!!

Tipping Toast Media says:

mmmmmm carrrrnitttassss!

Z Swis says:

do you ever marinate the meat and if so was there that much of a difference in flavour intensity?

Z Swis says:

thanks for the vid great recipe looking forward to trying it

Thomas Forman says:

Looks so good. The Fatman in Jacksonville Fl. Will make this soon. Thanks for the Rceipe.

russky salamander says:

i forgot to say i like the recipe.

russky salamander says:

hey JB do you smoke weed?

russky salamander says:

that piece of fat you ate is going to take a day off of your life.

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