Best ever Cajun boiled peanut recipe

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Absolutely the best peanut variety to use for boiling!

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John Floy says:

The OG JB Boiled peanut video from years back is how I found your channel my man! Still cracks me up, get you a big ole pot!

G P says:

Love your videos. Have for years now! Keep up great work! Bheeeeers!

gardini100 says:

as a european i must say draft beer from the US are real good ..why i came into beer again is so clear …it match so good with boiled peanuts and fried pork skins

Alex Paulson says:

Happy Father's Day JB! I wonder what you are cooking up today! I'm keeping it simple with grilled pork chops that have been brining, corn on the cob, potato salad, and mac and cheese! Yum! I have some Duroc pork this time, curious to see how it tastes. Anyway, have a good one!

Tipping Toast Media says:

MMM! Nothin like some JB kitchen in tha monin!

Southern Coastal Cooking ™ says:

good looking peanuts buddy

Boo LuQuette says:

LOL don't take a PISS with dem SPICY hands are you gonna be PISSED OFF Hell yeah just like my buddy says in this song ……. Ya'll enjoy the video …………. Made about a mile from my house….

Plus Tard Mon Ami ~!~!

TheCommenter7 says:

my parents split when i was a kid, well id go down during summer as a kid to south carolina, yes im a yank, but what i loved was boiled peanuts stands along the highway. especially the spicy ones. the spicier and more tender the better if you ask me

Harley Dancer says:

I love boiled peanuts. Lol weed killer🤣🇺🇸✌
We grew fields of them and the barn had a tin roof and I had to spread them out and roll them everyday. I hated growing them. The song hot nuts lol

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