Best Ever Scrambled Eggs and Tofu Recipes • Taste Show

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Are you missing scrambled eggs? Chef Bao shows you easy steps on how to make the best Scrambled Eggs and Tofu with this popular Chinese recipe!

This dish is so simple, but the combination of scrambled eggs, silky tofu and garlic sprouts is just the best.

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Марджи Элкинс says:

он делает это с таким серьезным лицом, как-буд-то пишет десертацию!это мило)))

ugurugutugu says:

what a super dry eggs 😀

Mairaa says:

Handsome Chef….🥰😍

Erika Marcela Monterroza Lopez says:

Love ❤️ this !!!

Wajiha Pasha says:

Its hard to remember the recipe…. the way of cooking is more beautiful 😍

Shows the love of cooking

Sanda Uy says:

Is that ginger?

Ahri Todoroki says:

His knife 😍🤩

Damaris Munoz says:

Riquísimo se ve no tengo todo pero voy hacer con lo q tengo

vicgoto2003 says:

Forget the food, my eyes are on Chef Bao, I am with you too.

Elie S says:

That is one sexy chef ✨

Korach says:

what is the pot filled with at the end?

Nghia Cao says:

Just made for dinner tonight. Just wonderful taste. Thanks for sharing. LOVE it

ian poon says:

Why the hell would he wear a nice watch to cook?

Kookie Dough says:

This video made me even hungrier

Vivian Garcia says:

This is Vivian's daughter it's spicy but taste good Thank You chef it's delicious 👌🤤

My humble Mini kitchen says:

You have a lucky wife hehe

Lhen Serrano says:

The chef is so serious while cooking can you smile a bit? 😃 😀

voiceover 4fun says:

Too much tofu….

Ron Dalby says:

Pity about the eggs. And who can afford that amount of ginger for breakfast (or any meal)?

Estee Brown says:


James Koh says:

Yeah, nice dish…. I replaced the nuts with minced pork (nuts too hard for the toothless). Everybody loves it.

rom goh says:

This recipe is fantastic. It is so simple and yet taste so good.

Pascale Devalet says:

I know what’s on the menu this Wednesday. Great low carb dish. Thank you chef.

Foodiez Cravings says:

Thank you Taste Show I will try this one too. I also made tofu nuggets @ and
tofu in oyster sauce @ hope you could check it.

EviYuna Chang says:

Tofu is heaven.

Please stop by@ //

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